Dora Zhang

MYP/DP Mandarin Teacher

Dora Zhang
Dora Zhang

Dora is a MYP Mandarin teacher at ISNS. Dora came from Chongqing, China. She graduated from Chongqing Normal University with a Bachelor degree in Chinese Literature. She has various teaching experiences. She has worked as a Chinese teacher in public school and international school for 10 years.  

When she was in the public school sector, she tutored her students to participate in the Chongqing Secondary Students' Composition contest in 2008, and they won third prize. She took the third place in the Teaching Design Competition in 2009, and she was rated as an excellent teacher in 2010. In 2012, she began to work in an international school setting. She is dedicated to teaching students from different backgrounds and cultures Chinese history, culture, and literature. Over the years, she has led students to participate in the Shenzhen Expat Talent Competition from 2012-2016 and won prizes many times.

“Do your best, and have no regrets," is her motto. 

Dora will continue to devote herself to education at ISNS, and will continue to treat every student with the greatest enthusiasm. She looks forward to sharing her love of language with the students. 

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