Kenneth Chan

Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

Kenneth Chan
Kenneth Chan

Kenneth came to ISNS and joined the large grade 5 for the academic year of 2018-2019. Kenneth was born in Hong Kong but quickly moved to Canada at an early age. Having spent most of his life initially in Canada, he moved away to Japan to start his teaching career first as an English teacher, interacting with a variety of students from toddlers all the way to government officials. Having spent 10 years there with the last 4 years at a Japanese international school, Kenneth taught primary homeroom with a strong emphasis on bilingualism.

Having spent some time in Australia to obtain his teaching license, Kenneth learned a great deal of inquiry-based learning approaches which is where he started his interest in International Baccalaureate programs.

Having learned about different teaching styles and attitudes from different countries, Kenneth has deepened his passion for teaching attuned to their cultural settings.

Kenneth’s love for traveling and now brought him to China. He feels fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive group with liked minded individuals such as ISNS. His passion for teaching is strengthened more than ever after meeting the bright and positive attitudes students have demonstrated at this school.

During his free time, Kenneth likes cooking, playing sports such as basketball, golf and snowboarding. Kenneth also has a passion for music and he hopes to join an orchestra to continue playing viola.

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