Lexi Liu

MYP/ DP Mandarin Teacher

Lexi Liu
Lexi Liu

Lexi is a Mandarin teacher who specializes in Chinese Language and Literature teaching for the Middle Years Programme (MYP). She has just finished her postgraduate study in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and will obtain the master degree of Chinese Studies at the end of 2017. 

With four years of Chinese Language and Literature under her belt in her undergraduate study and one-year effort of Chinese Studies in the phase of postgraduate, she has accumulated in-depth and broad knowledge of Chinese literature and culture. Also, one year teaching experience in the Middle School made her gradually skilled at the use of varies teaching strategies and methods. 

More importantly, Lexi is always dedicated to pursuing her dream of becoming the best teacher she can be! For her, the a great IB educator is not only someone equipped with solid professional knowledge, but also someone who integrates his or her knowledge and teaching methods with the law of student’s acceptance. She prefers to offer a flexible and enjoyable learning environment in the classroom and tries to help and encourage each child to become an open-minded and life-long learner.

This year, Lexi is excited to be a part of the highly skilled faculty at ISNS!

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