Sarah Finnie

PYP Guidance Counsellor

Sarah Finnie
Sarah Finnie


Sarah Finnie was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but has lived in Miramichi, New Brunswick since the seventh grade. She received her Bachelor of Arts in French and Sociology from the University of New Brunswick and her Bachelor of Education from Crandall University. This year, she will be completing her Graduate diploma in Educational Counseling. Acquiring this diploma will certify Sarah to be an acting Guidance Counselor, something she aspires to be. 

Sarah loves to travel and teach students from all over the world. She has taught in Canada, Australia, England and China. Sarah has taught many years as an educator, which includes teaching Grade one at ISNS for three years.

Sarah is married to Craig Finnie, who is also returning to ISNS to teach Grade 4 this year. Sarah loves to be with her family, friends, travel and spend time outdoors.

Sarah believes in having a safe, fun, positive and engaging learning environment. She believes whole heartedly in the IB Philosophy, and is very excited to be helping all students in her new role in Inclusive Education.

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