Tristan Sewards

MYP Homeroom Teacher - MYP Design Teacher

Tristan Sewards
Tristan Sewards

Hailing from Nova Scotia Canada, Tristan spent four years teaching Information Technology at the Shenzhen Concorde College of Sino-Canada before moving to ISNS to be part of Art and Design Department in 2015. 

Tristan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dalhousie University, a degree in Digital and Multimedia Design from the Halifax Centre for Arts and Technology and is currently completing his Post Graduate Certificate of Education through Sunderland University.  

Prior to moving to China, Tristan worked as a freelance web developer and graphic artist where he honed his creative skills and received firsthand experience designing for both large and small businesses.

Tristan loves teaching MYP Design and believes that it is important for students to develop well-rounded skill sets. In Design students develop these skills by following what is known in MYP as the Design Cycle. This requires students to inquire and analyze, develop their ideas, and then create and evaluate their final solutions.  This is done through a variety of units ranging from video editing and graphic design, to urban planning and structural engineering. 

The Art and Design Department strives to provide students with content that is both engaging and challenging and aims to create a learning environment that students are excited to be part of.

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