DP Y1 CAS Trip

Week adventure to Siem Reap, Cambodia (October 2016)

Day 7

Today is the last day of our one week trip. Same as before, we arrived at the construction site at 9:00 AM. We pretty much finished the house yesterday, so we only got a little bit of work left, the handle for stairs and the fence. At about 10:30, the house was fully finished. After that was the House Blessing. We first gave the key to the mother of the family, then we each held an item we bought that are giving to the family as gifts and walk around the house. We later entered the house with the items we held. The elders were there to do the house blessing, the monks joined later and continue with the house blessing. We headed back to hotel after the house blessing was completed and said good bye to the family. After that, we had lunch and met at the games room for a short meeting to do a reflection with our partners.

- Jae & Hao

Day 6

Today is the third day of the construction project. Our classmates were divided into to groups; the smaller group was in charge of finishing off the stairs, while the larger one was in charge of flooring the house and putting together the wall. The main task for today was to conjunct wooden pieces together with the main structure of the house. The progress was huge, and by the end of the day under help from our construction team members, the shape of the house could be described as nearly completed. The day was hot, but the students endured he heat and pulled in their full effort. It was a wonderful experience.

The students finished off today's work at around 12 o'clock during noon time. After lunch, The teachers and the students decided to buy necessary items for the family that grade 11 are building the house for. Together, they donated about $190 and purchased the items at the local market.

After one hour break, the grade 11 students head to a place where they spent approximately two hours learning and constructing their own potteries. They shaped the clay into a ball and placed it at the center of the wheel head. Then, they squeezed, opened, thinned and raised the wall of the potteries. They used the sponge to excess the water out, and cut it out of the wheel. In addition, students demonstrated their artistic ability by carving unique patterns to their potteries. By the end of the activity, students were given the opportunity to bring their artworks made home. Moreover, they had the option of purchasing the second piece of artwork.

The students had their dinner at a place near the night market. After it, students could chose to shop at the night market or go back to the hotel and relax.

- EK & Jenny

Day 5

In the morning, we arrived at the construction site at about 9:00 AM. We continued to our work from yesterday with the help from the local residents. At first we were separated into 3 groups, each was responsible for one specific task. After a period of time, two of the three groups collaborated together in order to finish building the stair, another group remained to construct the main house. Helmet was required when entering the area of main house, in case of unexpected accident. We became more efficient as our experience were added up during the process. And we became more skillful of using various kinds of tools and materials. We had finished the second day of construction at about 12:00 AM, and headed back to the hotel for lunch. We went to the market right away and played scavenger hunt. We were seperated into 5 groups and each groups were given a sheet of paper that has 20 questions on it. In order to win the game, students needed to answer the questions correct, and the winning team will recieve free ice cream. We had 40 min to go around the market and find answers to the questions. The game ended as 4 groups getting 20 questions correct and one group got 19 questions correct, and all students had recieved a free icecream. Some of us went back to the hotel and some stayed at the market. At 6:30 PM we gethered and went to eat pizza at lily. After dinner we went to the circus. The actors at the circus were all abandoned by their parents and were raised by a school that educate them with different type of art. The performance was amazing and we all enjoyed it. After that it was 9:30 PM, and we went back to our hotel.

- Cheryl & Rebecca

Day 4

After a long drive, we arrived at the building site, which is located very far away from the centre of the city. There were no shops at all, or any sight of entertainment. We were set to complete a mission, which was to build a new house for this mother and son, that faced a harsh abandonment from the kid's father. We started constructing right away, as we separated into 6 groups that were assigned with different jobs. The students started to measure, saw, use the electric drill, and chiseled certain pieces of wood, to start the construction of the base of the house. The building lasted for 4 hours, and we called a stop to head to lunch. After lunch, the students visited a cooking academy, and learnt to make three different cuisines. The menu included fresh spring rolls as the appetizer, curry fish for the main dish, and the dessert which was fried banana. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, where we formed a debate based on the topic of Development vs. Conservation. There were designated perspectives within the society for students to create artificial proposals about the management of a piece of nature resource. Many students expressed their own opinions on this issue and were overall very involved. 

- Tiffany & Catherine

Day 3

After waking up at 4:30 am in the morning, we headed off to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Angkor Wat. The transportation for getting us to the temple where we would watch the sunrise is a tuk-tuk, which is a tricycle with a roof on the top. The ride was very interesting. At the outside range of the temple, we found our picnic area to sit, and wait until the sun rose while having breakfast. We were given time to go through the temple, and had the opportunity to discover the symbols of what the temple once worshiped. We biked around from temple to temple which was really fun. After a very long day, we came home to rest and enjoy the pool. In the evening we watched a documentary on a man’s journey. Tomorrow, we start building the house!                                

- George & Jeff

Day 2

On the first official day in Siem Reap, we woke up early to eat breakfast at the hotel and left at 8 o'clock in the morning. We first took the bus to go hiking in the mountains where we saw an amazing waterfall before eating lunch afterwards. After that, we came back to visit an animal preservation rescue center called ACCB, where we saw all different types of endangered species. We then had some free time at the hotel to swim and socialized with each other. That night, we went to the night market and bought lots of cool things. 

- Jonathan & DC

Day 1

Early in the morning, we headed for the Guangzhou airport. We took off on time and arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia safe and sound. After checking in the Angkor Riviera Hotel, we went for dinner. It was a pleasure to enjoy authentic Cambodian dishes. There were a decent variety of delicacies – spring rolls, chicken curry, mango papaya salad, and much more. After dinner, we checked out a few local stores, and enjoyed delicious smoothies on the way back. We look forward to our first full day of activities tomorrow!

- Kathy, Shien, & Rochelle