Grade 10 EOTC Trip

Week adventure to Bali, Indonesia (November 2016)

Day 3

Today is our third day in Bali. As usual, we went to the Kuno camp in the morning. We experienced and learn a lot of farming and planting techniques that we can easily do at home. We were taught how to get seeds from fruits and plant for the use to plant. Later that morning, we were also taught how to make spring rolls at a house nearby. During lunch, we were brought to a place with farm lands surrounded we had our lunch beside it, we also experienced how to plant rice in the muddy land. In the afternoon we had some fun group activities in the mud and everyone was having fun. We later had a great bath in the river. We end the day in the Kuno camp with some Balinese dancing. Later that night we did some shopping in the town and had a great ending dinner with all the crews.

- Bruce, Jay & Long

Day 2

Today we left the hotel at 8 am. After a bus ride for about an hour, we arrived at the river rafting. We were given instructions about safety and did a few activities. We received helmets and life jackets, and were split into groups of 4 and 5. We went into the boats, and rafted down the river. The scenery was incredibly beautiful, and waterfalls appeared from time to time. The local people, were standing at the side of the river, waving and smiling at us. We stopped at a few waterfalls and took pictures. When we reached the end of the river, we were given the opportunity to shower and have lunch. After having lunch we walked to the camp, and were given mango juice. We were then separated into two groups, and did cave exploration and kite making. The cave was extremely narrow and was filled with water and mud. 

In the evening we went to the market, where we were given 1 hour, to shop and look around the city. We met at the meeting point and walked to a very nice restaurant. The food was very delicious, and we all had a great time. We got back to the hotel, and met for a short meeting. We were given information about the follow days and went to our rooms afterwards.

- Mai & Serena

Day 1

Today was the first day for our grade tens in Bali and they were surrounded with learning opportunities about the Balinese culture regarding their religion and their beliefs. They learned about their culture and partook in their practices and tried some themselves. They got to the area by riding bicycles (though some of them rode motorbikes instead) They tried making sacrifices as a part of their religion and they learned many things about the Balinese culture. For example, they used rice clay to form they own versions of the sun and they all used the techniques that they were thought by the camp counsellor. They also learned about three different names. The first name that they were thought about was regarding the relationship between “Humans vs. God,” “Humans vs. human,” and “Human vs. nature.” Their first day was designated to learning about the culture, beliefs, and learning how to ride bikes if they have never road a bike before. Tomorrow will also be a huge day of leaning and experiences.

- Lisa, Christine, & Olivia