Grade 12 EOTC Trip

Week adventure to Okinawa, Japan (March 2017)

Day 2

Today we had a pretty lenient schedule, "set in jello", as Eric likes to call it. We got up bright and early to go down for breakfast and get to The Blue Cave Okinawa for a long morning of snorkelling. Once we arrived we split into two groups, the Oysters and the Stingrays. The Oysters went first and after putting on the super tight wetsuits and masks they climbed down into the water. We snorkelled for about 2 or 3 hours, admiring the fish and being fascinated with the coral. Afterwards, we all hopped on the bus and because we spent so much time snorkelling we didn't have much time to get ready to go out for lunch. We rushed back to the hotel and had 10 minutes to get ready, as expected, some of us were late. We went to a restaurant that served a buffet style Okinawa soba, which is a type of noodle famous in Okinawa, it was delicious. We then got back on the bus and went to a compound that looked very traditional. It had buildings that looked like old Japanese temples, stone statues, and a banana tree farm. There, we learned how to make old fashioned Okinawa doughnuts and sweet potato tempura. It was a lot of fun cooking it and surprisingly, none of us poisoned each other. After eating the food we worked so hard to make, talking with each other, and playing with goats, we walked back to the bus to return to the hotel. We got back early this evening and had a lot of free time so we did some of our homework and played card games together. Today was an amazing day and we hope the rest of our trip will be just as awesome.


Day 1

Today we all got up super early but pumped for Japan. The group that took the ferry ultimately missed the first one but fortunately caught another one and arrived at the airport on time. We had a nice short flight to Naha and once we landed we met up with Eric and his crew and then headed to our bus to drive to Okinawa, which took us about an hour. On our way to the hotel, we saw quite a few American Forces Bases, some beautiful scenery and three very cute goats. The hotel is absolutely stunning and we're looking forward to the rest of this week. 

Emma & Hypnus