Grade 6 EOTC Trip

Week adventure to Zhaoqing, China (November 2016)

Day 3

Today we went to a local school and got the chance to play games with the students and talk to them about different traditions and celebrations. Basically, one problem was that they spoke too many bad words so we had to keep them from swearing and saying bad words. We played a lot of games and they seemed like they enjoyed it, but sometimes they were shy and didn’t want to try new things out. We encouraged the local students to express themselves more and try new things. It was a really fun day! At first we did some ice-breakers like “Pop the Weasel.” Everybody had a good time. Overall the community service experience was really fun and the ISNS and local students all had a good time.


-Sheng Yao 

Day 2

Today was quite a fun day. IN the morning we were woken up by the Dragonfly instructors 30 minutes before we went for breakfast. Breakfast was great! Our first activity of the day was rope climbing, where we were tested on our communication skills and how well we communicated with other team members. The whole process was full of energy as everyone was cheering for the people that were climbing. The only two people who made it to the top were our two teachers and a friends of mine, Joshua. After we finished rope climbing we were back to camp to have lunch. After eating we were to our second activity, raft building. To build a raft we learned how to tie different types of knots. We built our own rafts and tried to sail the rafts. After that was dinner and our final activity. Out final activity of the day was to prepare for the public service we were do tomorrow.

- Ryan

Day 1

Our journey started today by getting onto a bus and leaving ISNS at 9:00am. We travelled for a little more than 3 hours until we arrived at 9 Dragons Resort in Zhaoqing. When we arrived we were greeted by the Dragonfly staff who took us to lunch at the resort. After lunch we broke off into two groups to start our first activities, raft building and the cableway hike.

Group 1 did raft building. Our group leaders taught us different techniques to use to help build our raft. Afterwards, we got materials like, bamboo, rope, and tires to use for our rafts. We carried the two rafts we built down to the lake and raced each other. Once we finished we took the rafts apart and cleaned up the area. 

Today group 2 went on the cableway hike. It was really fun because we used a harness clipped onto a railing as we hiked. It was also the first time for many people to go on a cableway hike, so it was really fun. When we got to the top of the mountain we stopped and ate a banana before heading back down. 

After each group finished their activities we had dinner and played the Dragonfly challenge. Teams had to work together in a bunch of different activities to earn points.