Grade 7 EOTC Trip

Week adventure to Yangshuo, China (November 2016)

Day 3

Today, the 3rd day of our field trip in Yangshuo and our first plan for the morning is hiking. In the beginning of our hike, there are 5 groups. In the hike we have a map, compass, pictures of finding an area that you should go and find with your group. It was a little challenging because there was a lot of slippery mud, but we did not give up and kept going with out hesitation. 

After lunch we went to a local school with kids that do not have money like us. We played games with them and had fun and guided them. It was pretty experiencing because we socialized with these children cause we are different and we were really shocked by that. We felt that we were so lucky to live in Shenzhen and has a really good education and environment.

After diner, we went to a west street where there are many people with many small shops selling things. We were in groups of 5 minimum. We went out and saw many things that people sell. We saw many food, toys, figures. And we had fun on that.

- Edward

Day 1 & 2

Today we went to Fuli town for fan painting. We went to Mr. Su’s workshop. At Mr. Su’s workshop we learn how is a fan made, and how to paint it. We also got to paint our own fan which will be given to us later. We also did rock climbing. There is three path ways that have different difficulties. Only three people can go at once and an instructor will hold a rope that is put on you. The people on the bottom watching will tell the people climbing where to hold or step to help them. The last thing that we did today is community service preparation. We were paired up with a partner to teach an activity to the kids. We also had to make a script for tomorrow, and that’s all we did.