Grade 8 EOTC Trip

Week adventure to Fujian, China (November 2016)

Day 4

On day 4 of the trip students had the opportunity to help the community of Xiabanliao through community service.  This was done by designing, digging and planting a new vegetable garden as well as helping a local tea farmer by separating stems from tea leaves.

After a hard days work, students watched a puppet show performed by a local puppeteering troupe and then had the opportunity to create and present their own puppet shows.

Day 3

On Day 3 students students were once again split into their two activity groups for a busy day of hiking and biking.

Group A began their day with a bike ride to Taxia village, renowned for the long life spans of its residence.  Upon arriving in the village students visited a local temple and learned about the history and culture of the town's people.  This was followed by a hike to a viewpoint overlooking the village, before returning to Yuchang via bicycles.

Group B began their day with a tour of the Tianluokeng tulou cluster, which consists of five tulous dating back to 1796.  This was followed by a hike down the mountain side through the  local rice terraces.  

In the afternoon the groups switched activities and then returned to Yuchang for supper, team building exercises and preparation for the community service they will complete tomorrow.

Day 2

Day 2 of the grade 8 trip to Fujian started with an early breakfast and bus ride to the town of Shuyang, home to the famous  tulou (mud house) where students will spend the next 3 days.  After splitting into their activity groups, students visited a local tea plantation were they collected tea leaves, learned how the leaves are prepared for sale and then participated in a traditional tea ceremony.  Students then completed a science experiment in buoyancy, in which students constructed boats out of Playdoh and tested how well their boats floated.

Day 1

After spending the morning on the high speed train we arrived in Xiamen.  Our first destination was the Buddhist Nanputuo Temple, which dates back to the Tang Dynasty.  During our visit students were split into groups of 5-6.  They then participated in an activity called the 'Great Race' in which groups competed with each other to answer a series of questions about the history of Nanputuo temple.  After the activity we went to our hotel where we first ate, and then split the students into two groups for team building exercises.