Grade 9 EOTC Trip

Week adventure to Chiang Mai, Thailand [March 5th - 10th, 2017]

Day 3 & 4

Today we went rock climbing and rappelling. They did a great job. I think it was the best day of the trip. Ended with a birthday party with 3 cakes for Jefferson, Marco, and Ms Henderson. Yesterday we went kayaking all day and spend the evening at a food market for supper. It was a really fun day too but I don't have pics because I didn't take my phone out on the water. Eric was supposed to send you some pics of the kayaking. Coming home tomorrow. Kids had a great time!!

Day 3

Today we got up early and played some field games before heading to the Elephant Nature Park. We stayed there most of the day. It was great because the students learned a lot about the types of bad situations the elephants are rescued from. Some of our kids even said they would not go to a circus again because they felt bad for the elephants. The students helped with some of the chores at the park including preparing the food for the elephants. They even got to go in the river with the elephants for like 30 minutes and wash a bunch of elephants. It turned into a class-wide water fight. After that we headed to a new hotel. It's beside a river and is built up on stilts on the side of a hill. It is so rustic and quiet out here. So cool for kids that have spent their entire lives in cities. Getting up tomorrow and spending the day kayaking down the river we are staying beside.

Day 2

Today was basically all about Thai cooking. Students went to the market and got ingredients, then picked some ingredients out of the garden and even fished for 45 minutes in a muddy pond. Cooked 3 dishes (spicy soup, green curry, and pad Thai). They did a great job. Came back and went for a swim. They are supper at a street food market where they were given some money and could buy the food they wanted to try. Ended the night with some reflection time and journaling. Busy, but fun day. Going to see the elephants tomorrow. 

Day 1

Today the students arrived in Chiangmai Mai. We took Tuk Tuks from the airport to our hotel about 15 minutes away. The hotel is nice, with a huge pool. They played some icebreaker games so the leaders could get to know the students a bit. They also talked about attitude and how to mentally approach the week. The students then got to swim for an hour before supper (green was amazing). They then had a bit more free time before ending with about 40 minutes of reflection time and journalling. Really good first day.