G11 CAS Convoy to Cambodia

Nov. 3, 2017

Day 4 - Cambodia 

Yesterday was the last day of the Volunteer Building Cambodia program. The Grade 11's, like clockwork, finished breakfast at 7:20 a.m. and left for the construction site at 7:30 a.m. A short morning, the team tidied up the remaining scrap, the steel support bars and pieces of wood laying around the site. After finishing the last bit of work, the group prayed with the monks. As a special gesture, the group were given special bracelets and were individually blessed with the downpours of heaven. 

"I personally enjoyed it. It was a special experience to which I experienced a sacred ritual...having cold water washed over my head. Although the sensation was a shock, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Grade 11 Student

The group then headed back to the hotel where they cleaned up, packed up and shipped out for their afternoon activity! This was an activity where the Grade 11 students put to action their communications skills, wondering around the local area asking passers by on the street a list of 15 questions; most inquiring after the locals understanding of English, general questions regarding prices of items, etc. 

The students were arranged into 3 groups and after a few hours wondering around the market attempting to translate the questions at hand, the group were rewarded with free ice-cream before let loose for a bit of free time! 

Dinner, once again, was a treat! Among the traditional dishes was Cambodian soup, rice, curry and chicken! The general sentiment for the evening was, "that was delicious!"  

Overall, the physicality of the day was at a low compared to the rest of the week. Looking back at what the Grade 11's have accomplished as a group, is remarkable! Moving forward, the students will be switching their focus to learning more about the history and culture of Cambodia. 

Day 3 - Cambodia

Another early start, the group arose ready for another culturally full day at 5:30 a.m. As a test to their perseverance, the days have begun to get earlier and earlier! 

The Grade 11's continue your their mission by heading back to the construction site to continue where they left off the day before. As a class, the Grade 11's reflected upon their progress and noticed that they now are much more collaborative and comfortable with the construction. By Midday, much of the house was already completed.

Tummies began to grumble and after a well-deserved lunch and a much needed siesta, the Grade 11's embarked on their next cultural experience: a Cambodian Ceramics class! Students attempted to create traditional pottery, moulding clay, taking a turn at the spinning wheel while being guided by their new Cambodian friends. As a momentum, students were able to take home their art pieces as a reminder of the special day they experienced. 

To wrap up the day, the crew enjoyed a delicious pizza in Little Italy and strolled around the night market picking up little trinkets while taking in the local cuisine. 

Day 2 - Cambodia

Second day of the Cambodia field trip, and the Grade 11's hit the site! 

The ISNS Grade 11 active service leaders visited the site where they will rebuild the home of a family whose house burnt down. The family was selected as part of the Volunteer Building Cambodia program.  This family was selected because the situation they had found themselves was difficult to face alone.

The Grade 11's were separated into three groups where each focused ob building different areas of the house. Some students were assigned to building the stairs for the house, others were sawing wood for use. In the end, the group managed to build the fundamental framework of the house. 

Grade 11 students, teachers and the Cambodian local workers all collaborated together in order to achieve a common goal, to construct a better future for the Cambodian family. 

They endured tough conditions, but together cheered one another along! Their hopes, to not only build a house, but also build a dream home for the family. 

"Because of us, our friends, the Cambodian family, are able to live comfortably and in a home that can protect them from future environmental devastation. The house we are going to build for them will change their life. We cant wait to bring a smile to their faces!"

Grade 11

After an eventful morning, the Grade 11's went on to a local cooking school to learn three dishes; fresh spring rolls, fish curry, and fried bananas. Not used to how Cambodian food is cooked, the Grade 11's applied new skills, learned about a different culture and opened their mind to new experiences. In true IB spirit, the students were, "excited to take part in Cambodian traditions and globally connect and engage with new friends from different cultural backgrounds." 

On Tuesdya, Grade 11 really felt the impact they could have on a person and community. They realized the important role that collaboration and open mindedness can play in our lives!

Day 1 - Cambodia 

The Grade 11 students embarked on their 2017 school trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

Yesterday, the adventurers began with a 4:45 a.m. start! Landing into Cambodia by noon, like any culturally hungry IB student, the first stop was the local cuisine! Tasting their way through two different pit stops, the students experienced the herbs and spices of the local area, delicious local dishes such as Amok, Prahok fried in banana leaves and fresh green vegetables. 

The group were then debriefed on the background of the association they are supporting to build a house. Provided with a thorough building schedule, the Grade 11 students mentally and physically prepared for the big task at hand. 

Check out our photos below and make sure to check in every day for more updates! 

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