Grade 6: Kung Fu & Fine Arts in Foshan, China

Oct. 13, 2017

Day 3 

Yesterday, the group had another early start, waking up at 7:30 a.m. They meandered down for a much anticipated hotel breakfast - who doesn't love those! 

The Grade 6 team then departed the hotel in Foshan and headed to Kaiping where they had lunch at an outdoor restaurant. While enjoying lunch, they listened to historical facts about Diaolou, the watch towers - their next destination!

Following lunch, the Grade 6 students headed off to Liyuan where they explored the Diaolou in groups. In their groups, they worked together to create their own scavenger hunt questions. While doing, this they were able to learn a lot about the rich culture surrounding these watch towers. After they finished creating their questions, each group traded their scavenger hunt questions with another group. 

The next activity was a lot of fun! It was like hide and seek. It started with Mr. Stafford, Mr. Boyd, and Mr. Boekhoud hiding somewhere in the Liyuan area and then the Grade 6 students had to search for them. When a student finally found them, the student then had to transform into undercover mode and hide with them. There were only 14 students that were lucky enough to find the teachers! 

During the second round, it was the student turn. Two students were chosen to hide, but their ability to find hiding spots was a lot better than the teachers! Only two students found them! The funnest thing was, they were hiding in the bathroom. Most people had actually gone in to look for them, but left with no luck! The group finished the day eating supper and being gifted with awesome Hutong t-shirts and head scarves to prepare for their biking adventure tomorrow (today)!

Day 2

Grade 6 woke up at 7:00 a.m., and started the day by 8:10 a.m. Their first station? An organization that trains and prepares kids to go to dragon boat races, lion dancing competitions, and dragon dancing competitions. In addition, there are trainers that specialize in Kungfu. This organization is one of the first to teach such a variety of art forms and overall, the organization has won more than 300 trophies. 

The group joined a class where they practiced their Kungfu and lion dancing moves. Learning each move was very complicated and even the simplest move, felt like a big challenge. After 1-2 hours the group learned had the basics down (secretly wishing they were all grand masters!). What an amazing experience to try something new and learn more about a different culture - being active was an added bonus!

Following their active morning, the Grade 6 students ate a well-deserved and delicious lunch. The group then joined a pottery class working with clay to design and create ceramics. It was such a great experience and the group now have a souvenir to bring home to remind them of the great day they had!  

Something that most students had never done, but tried their hand at was making their our own two-skinned milk. The students taste tested while eating dinner - and to their surprise it was not bad!  

To finish off the day, the students made their reflections, headed back to the hotel, to prepare for yet another Fo-tastic day!

Day 1 

This morning the Grade 6 students were so excited and eager to embark on their first MYP trip! Leaving the School around 9:00 a.m., the group boarded the bus laughing, chatting and sharing their excitement with their friends. 

After what felt like 10 hours, (it was only 2) the Grade 6 students arrived at their first destination, the restaurant. The local Chinese food started being placed on the table; the first dish was a chicken with soy sauce, followed by rice, vegetables, sweet bread and other yummy treats. 

The food was delicious and filling! Drifting into food comas, it was time to stretch the legs and take a walk to Zu Miao, a temple in Foshan. The leaders were very enthusiastic and with a quick explanation of rules (safety first!), the group started their scavenger hunt around the temple. Among the facts learned was who is Feihong Huang, and why Foshan is called Foshan. It was a very culturally enriching experience and students were able to apply collaborative skills to uncover the traditions and culture of Foshan. 

After the scavenger hunt, the Grade 6 students headed back to our hotel room to rest for 40 minutes. They met at 5:35 p.m. and went straight to dinner. Again, students experienced Chinese cuisine having rice, chicken, mushroom and vegetables.

With the evening drawing to a close, the group returned to the hotel and sat for a quick reflection with teachers in small groups. 

What a great first day! 

"Today was a great first day and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow!"

Grade 6 Student