Updates & Exhibition Process

Week # 1 - March 20th - 24th

This week the Grade 5 students have begun to take the next steps in their exhibition process. After creating their Central Idea, students have taken this week to work on creating their student questions that will help drive their inquiry.  From their questions, students then decided upon their lines of inquiry, and key concepts which will be the lens into their inquiry. 

Students have also been reaching out to their mentors throughout the week to set up their first meeting. The Grade 5 students have been taking the responsibility to email their schedules and possible times to meet with their mentors, creating the agenda for the meeting, and keeping minutes for the meetings. 

Students have also created a Padlet for themselves and their mentor to share resources and ideas for the Exhibition. 

Week # 2 - March 27th - 31st

This week the Grade 5 students have been organizing and attending meetings with their mentors. Through this they are utilising their self-management skills by emailing mentors, taking minutes and notes during each meeting, planning future tasks and goals, and updating an online calendar. 

They have also been exploring their first line of inquiry and have begun to collect resources and data for their inquiry. Students conferenced with our librarian, Mr. Chase, to learn about plagiarism and how to create a works cited page for their research. Students continue to learn more about the research process and some have already reached out to experts in the school community to collect first hand data.

Week # 3 - April 10th - 14th

Last week, Mr. MacKay met with the Parent’s Association group to go over the Exhibition process and invite all parents attend our celebration on May 4th. The Grade 5 team also hosted an information session for parents to guide them in supporting their children throughout the PYPx. 

Students spent the past two weeks working on their second line of inquiry and working on provocations for their presentations. They have been exploring different technologies and media, such as infographics, websites, digital graphic organizers, and time-lapse videos to help show their understanding and convey their message. We also asked students to submit entries for a logo competition and we have finalised the logo for PYPx 2017 at ISNS. This logo will be used on promotional posters and t-shirts for students to wear on May 4th and 5th. 

Congratulations to Angel and Ivan from 5A for collaborating to create the winning logo!

Week # 4 - April 17th - 20th

This past week our students have been hard at work starting their third lines of inquiry, with some groups taking the initiative to head out into the community to learn more about their issue. 

Examples of this valuable outreach include actions such as meeting with Captivating International, conducting a Skype interview with an animal rights expert, interviewing an Australian environmental protection group through email, and visiting a local zoo to investigate animal mistreatment. 

We are pleased to see our students take responsibility for their inquiry and begin to take action!