We are excited to announce our continuation of our annual Scholarship and Bursary Programs. We have increased the level of financial support to RMB 2,000,000. Students who are awarded the scholarships and bursaries will receive credit on their tuition fees. The scholarships and bursaries are applicable only towards the recipient’s tuition at ISNS for the stated academic year.


Scholarship decisions will be made by a Scholarship Committee appointed by the School and will be based on academic excellence, as well as social contributions to the whole school community and the global community. Student interviews may be requested as part of the selection process. 

IB Diploma Programme (DP) Scholarships

This year, ISNS will be offering 5 full-tuition scholarships to prospective IB Diploma Programme (DP) students. The five scholarships on offer extends over the course of the two years, Grades 11 & 12. 

今年,ISNS将向未来的IB国际文凭大学预科课程(DP)学生提供5个全额奖学金。 这五个奖学金将延续两年,覆盖整个11和12年级的课程。

If you are interested, please contact our ISNS Admissions team at 


For more information, please browse our scholarship and bursary section on our website (QR Code below) or call our Admissions office at 86-755-2666-1000. 



The Bursary Program supports students who show academic promise and make contributions to the whole school community, but may be in need of financial assistance. A student application and interview will be required in the selection process along with providing all necessary documents from parents. Details will be discussed on an individual, confidential basis.