Head of School: ISNS Updated Plans

Feb. 18, 2020













David Swanson及学校领导团队

Dear Parents,

I hope that all is well with you and your family and that you continue to remain healthy. We appreciate your ongoing support, understanding and flexibility during this extraordinary time. One of our goals and part of our mission as a school is to prepare our students for anything they might encounter in life. Despite its challenges, I hope that you can view this current situation as a learning opportunity for your child and take some time to speak with him or her about the importance of perseverance and resilience when life throws us a curve. The true strength of one's character is apparent in times of trial, not when everything is going our way. 

At this time, the Guangdong government has directed schools to prepare for online learning for several more weeks. Based upon this information, ISNS has put a tentative plan in place for re-opening. Please keep in mind that any plan put forth is subject to change and depends on the course the virus takes and the direction of the government. Nevertheless, I believe it is important for us to have a plan in place so that everyone can rest assured we are working to open school in the most timely, safe and effective manner possible and begin planning for a return to normal. With those provisions stated, here is the current plan:

  • Our new projected re-opening date is March 23.
  • Spring break will be moved up in the calendar so it takes place from March 16-20. No class or online learning will take place during the March 16-20 break period. Regular classes will be held during the original spring break period of March 30 to April 3.
  • The May 1 holiday will be cancelled and this day will be a regular school day.
  • The April 24 Parent-Teacher Conferences will be moved to evening or alternative time slots so that April 24 will be a regular school day.
  • Online learning will continue through March 11. March 12 & 13 will be no-school days that will be made up by the May 1 and April 24 school days.

Please note: According to our policy, the academic calendar intentionally has five days built in for emergency closure. We have used these days in past years during typhoons. We may use these five additional closure days this year—without make-up or online learning—if the closure extends beyond or if mandatory quarantines are put in place. Additional options should the closure extend further may include: extending the school day by an hour or more for the rest of the academic year, holding school on Saturdays, or extending the school year into the summer holiday.

Please contact any of the ISNS leadership team if you have any questions, concerns, or constructive feedback. You are an important member of the ISNS community. We are all a part of one greater family and like a family; we have the privilege to care for one another, especially during times like these. 

Best wishes,

David Swanson and the ISNS Leadership Team