Head of School Message: Addressing concerns around re-opening

March 26, 2020




1. ISNS一直在遵循政府的强烈建议,即不要在疫情初期将我们的老师召回。但是,正如我们所看到的,形势和措施每天都在发生变化。 ISNS将继续遵循政府“确保师生健康与安全”的指导。

2. 除了我们的老师外,ISNS还有许多学生家庭成员目前未返深,因此需要三周的周转时间(如先前的通知所述)才能返回并做好准备。

3. 由于国际学校受不同规章制度的影响,因此与公立学校的处境不同。我们不能完全采取公立学校所实施的措施。当然,我们正与政府就下一步措施保持着密切的联系。

4. 目前,政府强烈建议我校实行“交错开学”的复课计划,这意味着不同年级学生的复课时间将会交错开来。我们的领导层正在审查最适合学生情况的错开复课时间表。

5. 我们将尽快复课。我们同您一样渴望我们的社区能恢复正常。




David Swanson校长

Dear Parents,


We understand that there has been increasing anticipation for the resumption of on-site learning, as we receive more news regarding schools reopening across the nation. We want to reassure you that as a school we are working alongside the government and following their direct guidance as to maintain the health and safety of our community. We acknowledge that many changes are happening quickly. Still, please know that ISNS is working diligently to ensure that when on-site learning resumes, we will be prepared. To help address questions about school re-opening, please note the following:

  1. ISNS has been following the government’s strong suggestion to not bring our teachers back at earlier stages. Yet, as we have seen, situations and measures are changing daily. ISNS continues to follow the government’s guidance for the health and safety of all.
  2. In addition to our teachers, ISNS also has many student families who are away from Shenzhen and will need the three-week turnaround time (as stated in the previous communication) to return and prepare.
  3. International schools fall under different regulations and thus are not in the same situation as public schools. We cannot do exactly as they do. Yet, we are in constant communication with the government regarding next steps.
  4. At this point, the government strongly suggests that the School execute a “staggered start” to our re-opening - meaning, different age levels will return at different times. Our leadership is still reviewing this staggered timeline in light of what is best for our students.
  5. We will reopen the campus as soon as we possibly can. We are as eager as you to see our community back together again.


Please contact any of our leadership team for concerns and questions, and we will be in contact with any new changes that impact the resumption of on-site learning.


Lastly, we have created a webpage of all major communications regarding the COVID-19 situation that you can access by clicking here.


Thanks much,


David Swanson

Head of School