Head of School Message: Quarantine policy update and travel precautions

March 23, 2020










David Swanson


Dear Parents,

The containment of the virus in China appears to be promising as we continue to see more considerable progress in combatting COVID-19. I am happy to share that currently, none of our students, parents, teachers, or staff have reported that they have contracted the virus. I sincerely hope that everyone continues to remain healthy and happy going forward.

As we continue to monitor the situation and work closely with the local authorities, the Education Bureau has not provided a date on which we can re-open our campus. We continue to await an announcement from them in this regard and work proactively to prepare our campus.

If you are not currently in Shenzhen, please be aware that travel around the world is becoming more and more restricted. Also, there are very few flights available to Shenzhen or elsewhere. At the time of this email, all individuals entering Guangdong province must undergo a self-imposed or government-imposed quarantine of 14 days. If ISNS is to re-open anytime soon, please be advised that no students, parents, teachers, or staff will be allowed to enter the campus without having undergone this quarantine period.

We recommend that when you purchase flights, stay updated on the latest travel and quarantine policies of your departing city/country and arrival destination. We highly recommend checking these policies the day before your departure as policies are changing daily. As a community, we want to ensure that we keep ourselves updated to minimize any surprises.

We will alert our community as quickly as possible once we get the "green light" from the government to re-open our campus. Please expect a three-week turnaround time between the time we receive the message from the government and the re-opening date.

Please contact any of the ISNS leadership team if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Best wishes,

David Swanson

Head of School