ISNS re-opening date to be determined

March 2, 2020













David Swanson


Dear Parents,


We hope you and your family continue to remain healthy and happy during this unusual time.  We know it has been a challenge to cope with this situation on many levels and we would like to thank you once again for your ongoing perseverance and patience.  Our teachers and staff are fully committed to ensuring that your child remains on track with their academic work during this time.  Our teachers continue to refine and improve their online teaching and learning practices.  Despite the challenges of many time zones for both the students and ISNS staff alike, teachers have been increasing and improving their real-time interaction and student accessibility.  We continue to be in contact with the IB organization and they have been very helpful in extending deadlines for all schools affected by this situation.

Unfortunately, the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau issued a notice last week directing schools to continue with online learning and not re-open until this epidemic is over. They also mandated a 14-day self-quarantine for everyone returning to Shenzhen from outside of China on top of current travel restrictions. With these recent updates, ISNS will not be able to re-open on March 23.

We will do our best to notify the entire ISNS community three weeks prior to the date on which we plan to re-open our campus and resume face-to-face learning.

 Our planned break from online learning will still happen as currently scheduled from March 12-22.

 On March 23, we will resume online learning for MYP and DP students. We will continue the online education for our older students until they can return to campus. 

For EY and PYP students, we are currently examining the effectiveness of the online learning.  The senior leadership team has discussed a number of options for going forward.   We will wait, however, to make a final decision regarding which option to implement until the campus re-opening date is known. The most likely scenario will be the offering of free summer programs in addition to the extended school days to supplement the online learning.  More information will be sent out once a firm date for resuming face-to-face classes has been established.  

 We will resume face-to-face instruction as soon as possible after the government indicates that it is safe to do so.

We hope that you are enjoying the extra time with your child(ren). This time together is a rare opportunity. Let's continue to capture these precious moments as a family.  

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

 Best wishes,

David Swanson

ISNS Head of School