Student Attendance

Student attendance is recorded daily and will become part of each student's record.

If a student is sick or needs to be absent for any reason, parents should send a message to Jessica Yu at  An e-mail message to the homeroom teacher would also be helpful. 

 Parents whose students ride the school bus should contact their Bus Nanny by phone to let them know if their child is going to be absent.  Contact information for Bus Nannies can be found on the bus route information sheet.

MYP and DP students can follow up on worked missed due to absence by checking online class sites or contacting the teacher by e-mail.

Homerooms will be open by 8:00 AM each day.

  • EY and PYP students arriving prior to 8:10 AM should report to the play areas and remain there until dismissed. Students arriving after 8:20 AM should proceed to the reception to receive a tardy slip.
  • MYP and DP students arriving before 8:10 AM should proceed to their lockers and homerooms.  Students arriving after 8:20 AM should proceed to the reception to receive a tardy slip.

Students may only leave the school grounds with written permission from parents.  Parents may come to the office and ask to take their child out of school for legitimate reasons. Students must report to the office to receive a permission form that they are required to show the guard before leaving for any reason.

Students may only remain after school with written parental permission and under the supervision of a designated adult.  Students may not stay on school premises after school dismissal unless they are participating in a supervised school activity.  If parents or other authorized individuals are picking up a student, they are asked to do so before 4:00 PM as supervision will not be provided (3:00 PM on Wednesdays).

School ends at 2:30 PM on Wednesdays due to staff professional development and collaborative planning.

Students with repeated absences or tardy slips will be referred to the school administration.

Students who must be away from school for an extended period of time should inform the school administration in advance.  Students who are absent for more than twenty days in one academic year may be asked to repeat the grade level.