Student Lunch

Lunch Information

We offer a lunch program each day at ISNS.  Our lunches are healthy and nutritious.  Sodexo is the school's catering company and provides all food services on campus.  In order to purchase lunch, students are required to top-up their "smart" ID cards with funds at the Aspretto Café or through the online bank transfer system.  Please contact the Admissions Office for more details.  Lunches cost approximately 35 CNY per meal.  Students are also welcome to bring their lunch from home each morning.

To access the school lunch menus, please click the relevant link below. (note: changes to the menu may occur based on availability of ingredients).

ISNS Early Morning Tea & Snack Menu

Early_Year_Morning_and_afternoon_snack_November_2017.pdf Size: 253.0 KB Download

EY & PYP Lunch Menu

ISNS_PYP_EYP_lunch_menu_November_2017.pdf Size: 1.1 MB Download

MYP & DP Lunch Menu

ISNS_MYPDP_lunch_menu_November_2017.pdf Size: 690.4 KB Download

Questions regarding lunch services can be directed to our Sodexo Representative, Eva Wang (

Important notes:

  • Students who bring their own lunches must bring them in the morning and are not permitted to use the school microwaves.  Parents may not deliver lunches during the school day.
  • Students with special dietary needs may contact the School Administration.
  • Students may not order food from off campus.
  • Only students in Grades 6-12 may purchase items from the Aspretto Café (No coffee will be sold to students.)
  • All food consumed must be eaten in the designated cafeteria or the courtyard.
  • Students are expected to clean up after themselves at meal or snack times.

Sodexo WeChat Online Payment 

Sodexo is now offering parents the opportunity to purchase lunches online with WeChat Online Payment. Please find below instructions on how to register for WeChat payment. 

Sodexo WeChat Online Payment Set-up Information

To register, you will need to share the last 4 digits of your mobile number for validation purposes. 

Parents who have yet to provide Sodexo with their mobile telephone number, will need to do so in order to set up the WeChat payment option. To set up your mobile number, please visit the ISNS coffee bar or email Ms. Eva Wang at

Lunchtime Routines


Early Years students have lunches provided for them in their classrooms from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM.  Early Years student lunches are included in their tuition and no top-up of the student card is needed.


Primary Years students eat in their designated cafeteria with a set menu each day.  Students who bring their own lunches also eat in the PYP cafeteria. 


Middle Years and Diploma students eat in their designated cafeteria with a choice of three options each day.  Students who bring their own lunches also eat in the MYP/DP cafeteria or courtyard.