Primary Years Programme

Nov. 4, 2016

"The most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." David Carnegie

Coming Up

Thursday, November 10 – Friday, November 11 – NO SCHOOL                                                                                                                                                  

PYP teachers will be participating in IB Workshops, hosted by ISNS!  We will be running three different IB workshops for teachers in the PYP.


Parent Workshops

Wednesday, November 23rd at 8:30am and 12:30pm

PYP Parent Workshop on Assessment

Please contact Mrs. Stafford at to sign up

Tuesday, November 29th at 8:30am

EY Parent Workshop on Play-based Learning

Please contact Mr. Nicholas at to sign up

November is Fundraising Month!

During the month of November, teachers and students will be coordinating fundraising initiatives to take action to help our community!  ISNS has a strong partnership with the Sunshine Academy here in Shenzhen.  Our fundraising efforts go towards supporting this wonderful organization who provides education and support to Chinese orphans.    

The Sunshine Academy will host its 8th annual Benefit Fair

on Saturday, November 18th from 10am-2pm.  Our students

will be performing.  Mark your calendars!

Click on Sunshine Academy for more information. 

Halloween at ISNS!

On Monday we celebrated Halloween by dressing up in fun costumes, playing spooky games at the PYP assembly and participating in activities all week long!  A big THANK YOU to our parents who decorated the school and auditorium!!! 


PYP Halloween Assembly

Grade 3 Parents Sharing Their Migration Stories

The grade 3 students have been learning about migration and were learning to be a reporter in their unit on Where we are in Place and Time.  Parents in grade 3 came to school to share their migration stories with the students. The students had a great time listening to the parents’ stories and will use these to write their articles and create a class newsletter.

Grade 4 Expert Analysis

This week grade 4 was lucky enough to have Sherry Xian (the mother of a student in grade 4) come in to share her knowledge with the classes about the proper way of conducting a survey and then analysing the data. Soon, the students will be surveying various classes around the school in conjunction with our Who We Are unit which focuses on the idea of heroes.

The students will be able to take the tips and knowledge that Mrs. Xian shared with them and incorporate these things into designing their own surveys.

Positive Changes to Morning Work

Our grade 1 team has been collaborating and sharing ideas to help the students make the most of their morning routine.  Although each class does different things, the teachers are finding new ways to make morning work meaningful and more efficient.  This week, students were very creative!  What a success!  Keep up the great work, grade 1!