Shenzhen Bay International Schools Music Festival 2017

Feb. 14, 2017

ISNS is proud to host the 4th Annual Shenzhen Bay International Schools Music Festival of 2017.  This year the festival will include Choir and Concert Band.  The Festival Directors will be Jena Dickey from United States (Choral director) and Miranda Godkin (Band Director) from Canada.

The aim of the festival was to bring students from our international schools’ communities together to celebrate our global citizenship through the medium of the arts.  Performers ranged from the age of 10-17 years old.  This year’s festival included Choir and Band performances, as well as an Art Exhibition.  

Our choir director was Jena Dickey hailing from Colorado, USA.  Ms. Dickey is the artistic director of the Sing A Mile High Children’s Choir Festival as well as her founder/ artistic director of the Young Voices of Colorado Choirs.  ISNS conductors included Miranda Godkin (band) and Lexuan Zhang (choir). 

Nine schools collaborated for this year’s festival.  ISNS, BASIS, SWIS, ISD, BCIS, RDF, Green Oasis School, SAIS, and QSI.

The repertoire catered to a multicultural audience, supporting both our local and international communities ranging from China, New Zealand, Southern Africa, and North America.  Genres covered were traditional Chinese, Maori, African gospel, and American Jazz amongst others. 

This year’s festival included a Student Art Exhibition.  This celebrated the artwork of students from all participating schools and highlighted artwork from all grade levels.  The Art Exhibition in the new ISNS Exhibition Space which was officially opened during the week of the festival.  The Exhibition was juried by local artists from ISZAF (International Shenzhen Artist Forum) who selected the top two works from each school.  The chosen artworks were showcased at the Poly Theatre during the main musical performance on April 15th and received a “Best in Show” award. 

ISNS would like to express their gratitude to the monumental contribution that every school played in the success of the festival.  This festival stands testimony to the ability of individual students and teachers to be unified to a common goal. 

We look forward to the future development of this prestigious event and many more such collaborations.