Technology & Innovation

At ISNS, Technology Integration (TI) is dedicated to delivering whole school, grade specific and individual staff training. The aim of the team is to not only support and nurture staff development but encourage opportunities and establish a positive culture where staff have the confidence and capability to tackle new technologies, initiatives and specialized skills.

At ISNS, Technology Integration is embedded in the curriculum to enhance teaching so learning can be more meaningful and fun. From K4 to Grade 12, students develop technical skills, knowledge and understanding that supports the learning process. The aim of Technology Integration is to develop necessary skills for life and industry: computational logic, creativity, communication, critical thinking, resilience and problem-solving.  

Technology and innovation

Based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) standards, Primary Years Programme (PYP) students are encouraged to demonstrate understanding of UOI topics and concepts in a verity of ways. Student outcomes can be conveyed independently or in groups using a variety of creative and imaginative methods such as comic books, news articles, videos, animations, and AR posters. Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) students initial focus is on safety and organizational skills as these are an important foundation of the IB program. 

As an inquiry based school, students design and cultivate personal projects using a variety of Technology Integration media tools and equipment. ISNS is pioneering how AR/VR technologies can be incorporated into curriculum and will continue to evaluate how best we utilize emerging technologies in education.  

In addition to the MYP/DP program, Technology Integration at ISNS encourages students to participate in enrichment workshops and after school clubs in robotics, app creation, video game design, yearbook and other multi-media projects to foster personal engagement with creative tech endeavors.