PYP Student Led Conferences

The purpose of a student-led conference is for the student to take responsibility for their learning.  During the conference, the student leads his or her parents through a series of well thought out activities.  The activities represent the 5 essential elements of the PYP and the IB Learner Profile.  The purpose of the conference is for the student to celebrate achievements, reflect on their learning journey, and set goals for the future. 

The third reporting period for PYP at ISNS is in the form of a student led conference, as stated in the ISNS Assessment Policy.  This document outlines the expectations for students, parents, and teachers when participating in a student led conference.


  • The student demonstrates responsibility for their learning journey, is able to explain what they have been doing at school and how this has contributed to their growth as a learner.

  • The student is expected to provide an oral and written reflection of their learning journey, incorporating the attributes of the IB Learner Profile when appropriate.

  • The student can independently lead his or her parent through a variety of activities. 

  • The student plans ahead of time what they would like to share with parents.

  • Ensure their student portfolio is up to date.


  • To encourage and support their child in describing their learning journey by asking questions.

  • To provide positive feedback to their child; help them to set goals for the future and create an action plan for helping to achieve those goals.

  • If parents have specific questions or concerns for the teacher, they are recommended to make a separate appointment to meet with the teacher.   The focus for a student-led conference is for the student to take ownership, therefore it is not appropriate to expect a one to one meeting with the teacher.


  • Helps support the student to take responsibility for the conference by:

  • Providing time for students to plan, organize, and practice for the conference

  • Mentor students when setting learning goals

  • Provide guidance and expectations for student reflection

  • Ensure the teacher selected pieces have been included in the student’s portfolio

  • If teachers have specific questions or concerns to discuss with parents, they must arrange to meet with the parents at another time.


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