Assessment in the Middle Years Program (MYP)

Reporting in the MYP

Students will receive four reports throughout the school year. 

The first, second, and third report cards are progress reports. These are indicators of skill development and cumulative scores. Families are encouraged to view teacher feedback of specific tasks in ManageBac regularly. The fourth report card will include final achievements in each of the MYP subject groups, a detailed subject comment, with an end-of-year rating of their ATL development.

If a student has a concern about their achievement level, they are to follow the student concern flowchart. In this it states that the student should always contact the teacher concerned.

In the progress and final reports, students are assigned numerical grades based upon their progress towards meeting criterion objectives set out by the IBO. For detailed comments on student performance, parents are to refer to task specific feedback that can be found in ManageBac. All subject teachers will also provide a rating of student behavior and work habits within their subject.

How the final grade is achieved in the IBO grading system:

  • There is a set of objectives for each subject to match the assessment criteria.

  • Every subject has four criteria. (See Figure 1) 

  • Grading is based on the level of achievements for each criterion.  (See Figure 2)

  • The final achievement level for all the different criteria is based on the year’s summative assessments and the teacher’s professional judgments. The “best-fit approach” allows the teacher to select the achievement level that best describes the student’s level of understanding. (See Figure 2)

  • For the last report, the final achievement levels for each criteria are added together. ManageBac then applies the grade boundaries levels to determine the final grade for each specific subject. Grade boundaries levels are available in MYP: FPIP, IBO.2014. pg. 93.

  • A grade and comment for the MYP Community Project will be included on the report cards for all Year 4 (Grade 9) students.

  • A grade and comment for the MYP Personal Project will be included on the report cards for all Year 5 (Grade 10) students.

MYP Summative assessment/Task Specific Clarifications:

Teachers are responsible for creating assessments tasks that are both academically rigorous and age appropriate. The IBO considers summative tasks valid when they assess a minimum of one objective. (MYP: FPIP, IBO. 2014, pg. 87). Teachers maintain full choice over the number of formative and summative tasks in each unit of inquiry but are encouraged to conduct a summative assessment at a minimum of twice within each unit of inquiry. Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that teachers use task-specific clarification when preparing students for summative assessments. Task-specific clarification can be in the form of rubrics, checklists, projects sheets, etc. and should be published on digital communicative platforms. (e.g. Teams, OneNote, Managebac). Teachers must be sure not to “alter the standard expected in the published criteria or introduce objectives beyond those developed in the unit”. (MYP: FPIP, IBO, 2014. pg. 88.)

The MYP assessment criteria across subject groups can be summarized as follows:

Figure 1 (MYP: FPIP, IBO.2014. pg. 80)

Assessment in the Middle Years Program (MYP)


All students are assessed against the four Assessment Criteria as described in each MYP Subject Guide. Each criterion strand must be evaluated a minimum of twice within the academic year for each grade level and subject group. Each criterion is considered equal, and is further divided into bands. Each band contains a set of statements outlining their qualitative values.

Following the IB MYP assessment guidelines, subject grades will correspond to the following scale:

Figure 2 (MYP: FPIP, IBO, 2014. pg. 93)

Assessment in the Middle Years Program (MYP)

Community Project Internal Assessment

MYP year 4 (Grade 9) students are required to complete the community project. Supervisors are assigned to support the students and guide them through a scaffolded process and will be responsible for assessing students at the end of the academic year. “Assessment for the MYP community project is criterion-related, based on four equally weighted assessment criteria.” (MYP: Projects Guide, IBO.2014. pg. 35)

MYP External Assessment: Personal Project

All MYP year 5 (Grade 10) students are required to complete the personal project.  Supervisors are assigned to support the students at a minimum of 25 hours per academic year. According to MYP: FPIP, “the official validation of the personal projects grades is mandatory and requires a process of external moderation of teachers’ internal assessment.” (MYP: FPIP, IBO.2014. pg. 95) The internal standardization process will involve a group of teachers assigned to MYP projects mentoring, who will meet to come to a common understanding of the criteria and achievement levels. (MYP: FPIP, IBO.2014. pg. 83).


The majority of subjects in MYP do not regularly give nightly homework tasks to students. The total amount of homework given generally does not require more than 60 minutes of work per night. Students are provided with ample time in class to complete tasks, if students have not completed work in class they might need to finish it at home.

MYP Assessment Timeline 2021-22

MYP Assessment Timeline

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