Heajung Choi

MYP Math Teacher

Heajung Choi
Heajung Choi

Heajung is from Busan located in the southern part of Korea. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Busan National University and thereafter obtained a Certificate in English for speakers of other languages from the University of Cambridge ESOL examinations. She has had many experiences tutoring math through all grade levels.

She has been  at ISNS since 2007. The longer she teaches Math, the more passion and interest she has in this area. She has been instrumental in leading Math interventions for students with identified learning deficits and ESL concerns. She is proficient in her skills and she is able to motivate students to be successful in and enjoy Math. She has witnessed many students become independent in their learning, and watched as they have grown to appreciate mathematics. Together, her students and she have worked towards reintegration into the mainstream classroom, and we have experienced many successes.

In her free time, Heajung is an outdoor enthusiast. She has done Himalayan trekking eight times, and took up rock climbing and ice climbing with the goal of climbing higher snow-covered mountains. She also likes mountain biking to explore new places. 

Heajung believes that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve!

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