Larry Sun

K4 Teaching Assistant

Larry Sun
Larry Sun

Larry is one of the teaching assistants in the Early Years in ISNS. He graduated from The Teacher's college with a major in English Education. He has been with ISNS for 4 years.  

Before joining ISNS, Larry worked at an American Kindergarten, as well as tutored international school students of different ages.

Larry is passionate about children; he understands children's hearts. He works with the dedicated ISNS teammates to provide the best learning environment for his students.

Larry is observant and insightful in seeing the unique value and potential in each individual child. He strives to bring out the best in his students. He uses all opportunities for students' growth academically and as a whole person.

Besides leading his students to books, cultivating their interest in reading, Larry pays attention to guide the students to connect their knowledge from books to the application in their practical life.

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