Martine Humbert

Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

Martine Humbert
Martine Humbert

Martine grew up in France. When she turned 18 she moved to England to train horses. After two years of training, she went to Canada and obtained her Bachelor of Art from the University of Toronto and then went on to get her Bachelor of Education from the University of Sudbury. After receiving her degree, Martine taught at TFS Canada’s International School for over 20 years, of which 12 years were as a Grade 1 teacher. 

Martine is a dedicated teacher who loves the classroom environment and the exchange of knowledge that takes place during instruction with her students.

Martine has travelled extensively in Europe and the US and has lived in seven countries. She speaks three languages and is presently learning Mandarin to be able to enjoy the culture to its fullest. Martine is an avid biker and skier. She loves the outdoor and is an advocate for environmental issues.

Martine brings a wealth of experience having taught in the French, Canadian and American programs as well as the IB. She believes to be an asset to ISNS, with her extensive experience in various pedagogical approaches and she enjoys being part of such a diverse community.

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