Mikel Murillo

MYP English Language Acquisition Teacher and Grade 6 Team Lead

Mikel Murillo
Mikel Murillo


Mikel is an EAL teacher at ISNS. He is originally from Zaragoza, Spain and graduated from the University of Navarra, Spain, having spent his final year in Budapest, Hungary as an exchange student. 

After graduating, Mikel moved to Dublin, Ireland and worked in an international bank for three years. In 2010, Mikel returned to Spain and became a qualified teacher and started working in a school, mainly teaching English, but also Economics and Mathematics. In August 2013, Mikel moved to Russia and worked in a school teaching English and Spanish and started to learn the Russian language. 

In Spring 2016, Mikel took the opportunity to move to China and teach at ISNS. With a keen interest in Chinese history, traditions, art, sports and gastronomy, it felt like the perfect fit!

He speaks four foreign languages and played water polo at professional level for two years in Barcelona, Spain.


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