ISNS Vision

ISNS will be an inspirational force for young people to reach their full potential as successful, empowered citizens of the world.​

ISNS Mission Statement

ISNS develops globally responsible and compassionate young people by encouraging them to become active and inquiring life-long learners within an intercultural community.

ISNS Core Beliefs

We believe:

  • In the worth of every student 
  • In striving for excellence
  • In the value of different perspectives
  • In taking care of our world
  • In promoting international mindedness

ISNS Global Citizens

At ISNS, we believe a Global Citizen: 

  • intentionally chooses to be open-minded and understanding of diversity in order to create an inclusive, caring culture  

  • respects the diverse cultures, languages, perspectives, beliefs, values and lived-experiences of people around the world 

  • strives to acquire the knowledge, skills, and character needed to understand complex issues, develop equitable solutions, and take ethical action personally, locally, and globally

  • acknowledges the interdependence of people and the environment and holds themselves accountable for social and environmental sustainability 

  • believes that any action, no matter how small, can make a difference for the betterment of the entire world 

ISNS Phoenix Mascot

ISNS is an IB Continuum School and all students strive towards the IB Learner Profile attributes