ISNS Strategic Plan at a Glance

Pride in the ISNS Identity

Clarify the school’s identity and promote the school according to its guiding statements:

  • Review and revise mission, vision and values 
  • Utilize the admissions process to build the school identity. Market to families who match the identity of the school. Interview questions are aimed at screening for candidates who fit the identity.   
  • Promote the Learner Profile as a key part of the ISNS identity 
  • Celebrate the Canadian identity of ISNS 
  • Utilize the hiring process to build the school’s identity. Marketing is aimed at promoting the school’s identity. Interview questions aimed at screening for candidates who fit the identity. 
  • Use branded materials to promote the identity throughout the campus 

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Ensure the IB philosophy is adopted and the IB framework is implemented effectively across the school

  • Provide opportunities for all new teachers to attend IB workshops 
  • Provide ongoing PD relevant to IB for current staff 
  • Coordinators meet weekly with new teachers individually for orientation period 
  • Coordinators meet regularly with team and departments 
  • Grade level vertical and horizontal department meetings 
  • Hire teacher who philosophy is in line with the IB or who have prior IB experience.  
  • Ensure the IB learner Profile is explicitly taught in all areas 
  • Develop a system for assessing student progress towards the IB Learner Profile and effectiveness of teaching the IB Learner Profile.  
  • Evaluate our systems for Assessment of Learning.  
  • Implement Co-teaching (EAL teacher and Homeroom teachers) 
  • Review NB curriculum Articulation 
  • Review and refine practices for assessment for teaching and learning 
  • Collect evidence of assessment 
  • Ensure feedback on assessment is consistent across the school 

Improve Key Components of English Language Literacy: Reading and Writing

  • Regularly determine and monitor reading levels for all PYP and MYP students and adjust instruction accordingly 
  • PYP - schedule reading blocks (independent and guided) 
  • Develop and refine reading comprehension practices 
  • Implement Writer’s workshop  
  • Develop and maintain ongoing writing calibration based on Six Traits and Teacher’s college rubric 
  • PYP - K5-G3 (Narrative) G4-G5 (Informational) - pre and post writing assessment 
  • MYP - Implement Six Traits writing strategies effectively and consistently 
  • Implement writing aims in MYP UOI where appropriate 
  • Analyse and use assessment data to drive decision making 
  • Develop a system for displaying and organizing achievement data 
  • Increase staffing for literacy development 
  • Evaluate and improve writing assessment 
  • Improve EAL outcomes across PYP and MYP 

Improve basic math computation, think and problem-solving skills

  • Increase math competencies school-wide 
  • PYP-MYP- Review and re-align the curriculum to increase rigor 
  • Create PYP stand-alone math planners 
  • Implement Math assessment (MAP) 
  • Collect and analyse math assessment data to inform decisions 
  • Develop a system for displaying and organizing achievement data 

Integrate technology effectively as a tool for learning in the classroom to improve technology skills

  • Develop a scope and sequence for teaching of technology standards 
  • Provide training and resources for technology integration to teachers 
  • Develop a system for analysing whether or not students are prepared for the use of technology in the future 
  • Develop an effective technology integration team 

Creating a Caring Community

Integrate a Service Learning or Action Component into the Curriculum at all Grade Levels in order to Develop Global Citizens

  • Establish a shared understanding of what effective service learning looks like at ISNS 
  • Develop a system to measure the extent which students become global citizens 
  • Collect student data on effectiveness of Week Without Walls trips 
  • Identify opportunities for service learning with the MYP curriculum 
  • Collaborate to create/teach service-learning units/experiences 

Improve Child Protection Policies and Practices

  • Train all faculty and staff in child protection practices 
  • Ensure that all faculty, staff and visitors are in compliance with the Child Protection Policy

Enhance the extra-curricular activities programs

  • Hire a coordinator for non-athletic activities 
  • Increase the number of extracurricular activities