Grade 4 Week Without Walls 17'

Grade 4's Great Adventure to Guangzhou, China

Day 2 & 3 - Let the games begin!

We have been here for 2 days and it has been a great experience! The kids have hit the ground running, taking part and immersing themselves in outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming, camping, creating art using nature and doing various team bonding activities. It has been a very positive experience for the kids that they will remember for a long time to come!

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Day 1 - ... and off we go!

Today, our G4 class excitedly awaited to board the bus to commence their Week Without Walls trip to Guangzhou, China. In partnership with China New Horizons, our students will engage in four days of experiential education outside of the classroom. 

Team building, leadership skills, navigation, and environment and suitability learning are just a few areas students will be focusing on. 

... But most importantly kids will be having FUN camping, kayaking, taking part in art in nature, shelter building, team trust activities, swimming, night-time sing alongs, and much, much more! 

#ISNSweekwithoutwalls #ISNScommunity #GoISNS #iamISNS