Arts Night MYP/DP Performance

Welcome to Arts Night 2019! 

Performance Etiquette

  • Our concert is being recorded

  • Please use silent mode on portable devices

  • Please wait until an item has finished before entering or exiting the theatre

  • Please help younger children enjoy the show by showing them how to sit quietly in their seat and concentrating on what is happening on stage
  •  Please do not bring any food or drinks into the theatre

Opening Speech:  Addie Loy - IB Director

Concert Band 

“Variations on a Korean Folk Song”

Lisa – Grade 8 

“Suburbia” by Troye Sivan 


Amy – Grade 6 

“刀剑如梦” - Pipa  

Melody & Melony – Grade 5 & Grade 9 

“What’s up?” by 4 Non-Blondes  

Jasmine – Grade 6 

“Mozart C major 1st movement” 

Callie & Marvin – Grade 6 

“All of Me” by John Legend 

Chinese Ensemble  



ISNS Spirit wear and Arts Week Pins for sale outside of the auditorium


Rise From The Ashes – Stage Band 

“So Far Away” by Martin Garrix 

“Knock on Wood” by Eddie Floyd 

Sara Yang – Grade 9 

“Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2” by Chopin 

Catherine & Angela – Grade 7 & Grade 10 

“Liz and the Blue Bird (3rd Movement- Decision of Love)” by Akito Matsuda 

Vicky – Grade 8 

“Nanshan Nan” 

Senior Choir  

“Aya Ngena” Trad Zulu Folk Song, Arr. Ruth Morris Gray 

“A Million Dreams” by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul, Arr Mac Huff 


Faculty Dance Crew  

“I’m an Albatraoz”  

Senior Dance  

“A Tribute to Disney” 

Closing Remarks: David Swanson - Head of School

Thank you! 

Head of School – David Swanson

Primary Years Principals – Gina Awalt & Wayne Russell

Middle School/High School Principal - Patrick Boekhoud

IB Director -  Addie Loy

All Arts & Design Activities Staff

Arts and Design department for planning Arts Week and making it awesome!

Tech Staff: IT Staff, Angela & Kiara (students)


Marketing: Polina Ben-Sira + Ron Mona

MC’s: Abby, Jinseo, David, & Sharon

Performing Arts Leaders: Miranda Godkin, Inge Schlüer, Liezl Boyd, Ernie Boyd,  Stephania Chola, Sarah Wenn, Elizabeth Godfrey, Addie Loy, Ada Deng and Sara Shi

All ISNS Staff for your Support

All performers All volunteers