Special ISNS Events

  • Caring Week
  • Spirit Week
  • University Fair 
  • Service Activities for Captivating International 
  • Fundraising Month November
  • Sunshine Academy Fair 
  • Winter Concert
  • Chinese Culture Week
  • Bullying Awareness Week
  • Monthly Literacy Events
  • Science Fair 
  • Earth Day 
  • International Week
  • Arts Week 
  • Awards Ceremony 
  • Graduation

Year-Long ISNS Clubs

  • Caring Committee
  • Peer Mentors 
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • Yearbook
  • EY, PYP and MYP/DP Assemblies 
  • Model UN 
  • Chinese Ensemble 
  • Art Enrichment Club (G1-2) 
  • Art Enrichment Club (G3-5)
  • Art Enrichment Club (G6-12) 
  • Beginner Band (G3-5)
  • Intermediate Band (G4-6)
  • Concert Band (G5-12) 
  • Stage Band (G6-12) 
  • Junior Choir (G1-2) 
  • Intermediate Choir (G3-5) 
  • Senior Choir (G5-12) 
  • Dance Club (G1-2) 
  • Dance Club (G4+) 
  • Math Club  (SAT Club)
  • Survival Mandarin Club 
  • French Club and Committee
  • EAL Computer Games Club 
  • Robotics Club
  • Computer Animation/Game
  • Art and Design for VR
  • Innovation Club

ISNS Sport Teams: Middle School

  • Boys Soccer 
  • Girls Soccer 
  • Mixed Badminton 
  • Boys Touch Rugby
  • Girls Touch Rugby 
  • Boys Volleyball 
  • Girls Volleyball 
  • Boys Basketball 
  • Girls Basketball

ISNS Sport Teams: High School

  • Boys Volleyball 
  • Girls Volleyball 
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball 
  • Boys Soccer 
  • Girls Soccer 
  • Mixed Badminton

Permission Forms for Participation

Please note that students must have filled out a permission form in order to participate activities and events after school hours or off campus.  It is the responsibility of the teacher organizing the team, club or activity to obtain all relevant documents, including emergency contacts and student health information in order for students to take part.   ISNS utilizes a year-long permission form that will cover all such activities throughout the academic year, so permission forms specific to the activity are not needed.  However, it is the responsibility of the coach, club or activity leader to communicate with parents with appropriate information regarding the activity.