At ISNS, we offer a wide variety of activities and clubs to provide students with an opportunity to explore, inquire and discover new passions. A selection of activities from innovation technology, arts, reading club, sport activities, design thinking courses, science clubs and others are designed to cater our students’ different and diverse needs and offered in a supervised setting.


We are delighted to offer over 60 high-quality ECA's in this term. See the 2022 Spring offerings below.

ISNS 2022Spring ECAs Schedule |2022春季社团活动列表

2022Spring_ECAs_Schedule_8La1FCF.pdf Size: 131.1 KB Download

ISNS 2021-22 SEM2 Teacher Led ECAs Information Booklet -2021-22学年第二学期教师指导社团活动信息手册

2022Spring_ECA_Information_Booklet_1sYCKFV.pdf Size: 3.5 MB Download


Sign up for ISNS Teacher led Activities

ISNS uses Schools Buddy in signing up and managing students for Extra-Curricular School Activities (ECA’s). 

All new parents and students to ISNS will receive a welcome email from Schools buddy with a link to sign-up and create an account once the students start school. You can sign up for ISNS teacher led activities and check the information for your activities on Schools Buddy. 

ISNS Schools Buddy Sign Up Guide|ISNS Schools Buddy活动报名指南

ISNS_SBAvtivities_Sign-up_Guide.pdf Size: 621.1 KB Download
ISNS_SB_活动报名指南_中文版.pdf Size: 3.1 MB Download

Sign up for Outside Vendor led Activities






We also have activities provide by outside vendors for 2021-22 semester 2 as listed below. You can find detailed information by checking the registration links and posters attached.

Some vendors have been serving ISNS for some years now and are familiar to our families, but there are also new vendors who are bringing new offerings.

We hope every student will find an avenue to explore their interests and passions through these offerings.

If you are interested to sign-up activities offered by external vendors, please follow the instructions indicated in their brochure and sign-up with them directly.

2021-22 SEM2 VENDOR LED ACTIVITIES LIST|2021-22学年第二学期供应商课后活动列表

2021-22_SEM2_VENDOR_LED_ACTIVITIES_LIST_K9W7AHs.pdf Size: 95.2 KB Download

(K3-K5)(G1-G2)(G3-G4) Moonshot Labs-Science Club|Moonshot科学实验课

Moonshot_science_club_K3-K5_Spring_2022_8XqOquo.pdf Size: 662.4 KB Download
Moonshot_G1-G2__Spring_2022.pdf Size: 620.2 KB Download
Moonshot_science_club_G3-G4_Spring_2022.pdf Size: 1.2 MB Download

Moonshot Labs Science Labs Registration Link:

Moonshot Labs 科学实验课报名链接 Click Here点击这里

(K3-K5)(G1-G3) Lily PadKids Yoga儿童瑜伽 |(K3-K5) Baby Ballet学前芭蕾

LilyPadKids__yoga__ballet_cxL8Sli.pdf Size: 3.6 MB Download
LilyPadKids__yoga__ballet中文介绍_.pdf Size: 3.7 MB Download

(K4-G6) Pacific Pine Sports |太平松体育

FiveStarBasketball_Spring22_EN.jpg Size: 2.7 MB Download
五星篮球_Spring22_中文.jpg Size: 2.5 MB Download
ACMilan_Football_Spring22_EN.jpg Size: 3.4 MB Download
AC米兰足球_Spring22_中文.jpg Size: 3.4 MB Download
PGA_Golf_Spring2022_EN.jpg Size: 2.7 MB Download
PGA高尔夫_Spring2022_中文.jpg Size: 2.6 MB Download

Watch! Creative Aerial Videos By ISNS Students 
Please click to watch 请点击查看

VGCC Drone Club Registration Link:

VGCC无人机报名链接 Please Click请点击

Iginte Academy Coding Club | 大树编程 

(G5-G8)Python & Web Basics Course|Python与网页基础

Registration please Click 报名链接请点击

(G6-G8) (G9-G12) Smart Next Edu. Financial Literacy|金融素养-模拟人生;企业家精神

SmartNext_Financial_Literacy_I__The_sims_金融素养_I_模拟人生.png Size: 374.5 KB Download
Smartnext_Financial_Literacy_II__entrepreneurship_金融素养_II企业家精神.png Size: 1.5 MB Download
Smartnext_Online_prensentation.png Size: 1.3 MB Download


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For additional information on ECA, please contact Activities Coordinator Ms. Lian at