At ISNS, we offer a wide variety of activities and clubs to provide students with an opportunity to explore, inquire and discover new passions. A selection of activities from innovation technology, arts, reading club, sport activities, design thinking courses, science clubs and others are designed to cater our students’ different and diverse needs and offered in a supervised setting.


We are delighted to offer over 50 high-quality ECA's in this term. See the spring offerings below.

ISNS Spring 2021 ECA List

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ISNS Spring 2021 ECA Schedule

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Sign up for ISNS Teacher led Activities

ISNS uses Schools Buddy in signing up and managing students for Extra-Curricular School Activities (ECA’s). 

All new parents and students to ISNS will receive a welcome email from Schools buddy with a link to sign-up and create an account once the students start school. You can sign up for ISNS teacher led activities and check the information for your activities on Schools Buddy. 

Sign up for Outside Vendor led Activities

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For additional information on ECA, please contact Activities Coordinator Ms. Lian at