As an IB World School, ISNS sees its athletic program as an invaluable tool in developing inquisitive, knowledgeable and balanced global citizens. The Phoenix Athletic Department believes that sport is an integral part of a student’s holistic development. 

The goal is to empower students to value and appreciate the benefits of being physically active and to assist their development of moral qualities, social abilities and emotional maturity. Students are encouraged to develop citizenship traits such as co-operation, leadership, self-discipline, fairness and honesty in dealing with others, and respect.

N. Talamahina Athletic Director
N. Talamahina Athletic Director


Phoenix Athletic teams are divided into 3 levels based on age; each programme has a specific focus. 

  • U11 Junior School (G4-5) - Fun, inclusion
  • U14 Middle School (G6-8) - Skill development 
  • U19 High School (G9-12) – Highly Competitive 

Our competitive sports follow a seasonal approach as part of our competitive sports programme. Sports are organised into 3 seasons over the course of the school year. 


As a member of the Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools (ACAMIS), the Pearl River Conference (PRC) and of the Shenzhen International Schools Athletics Conference (SISAC) – ISNS students regularly enjoy opportunities to compete in a broad and balanced inter-school athletic program that is an integral part of their educational experience.


  • HS Boys Volleyball
  • HS Girls Volleyball
  • HS Boys Basketball
  • HS Girls Basketball
  • HS Boys Football
  • HS Girls Football
  • HS Badminton
  • HS Cross Country
  • HS Track and Field

For more information about High School Sports click the link below

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  • MS Boys Volleyball
  • MS Girls Volleyball
  • MS Boys Basketball
  • MS Girls Basketball
  • MS Boys Football
  • MS Girls Football
  • MS Girls Touch Rugby
  • MS Boys Touch Rugby
  • MS Badminton
  • MS Cross Country
  • MS Track and Field

For more information about Middle School Sports click the link below

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  • U11 Boys Basketball
  • U11 Girls Basketball
  • U11 Boys Football
  • U11 Girls Football
  • U11 Co-ed Touch Rugby
  • U11 Co-ed Badminton

For more information about U11 Junior School Sports click the link below

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Please note that students must have filled out a permission form in order to participate activities and events after school hours or off campus.  It is the responsibility of the teacher organizing the team, club or activity to obtain all relevant documents, including emergency contacts and student health information in order for students to take part.   ISNS utilizes a year-long permission form that will cover all such activities throughout the academic year, so permission forms specific to the activity are not needed.  However, it is the responsibility of the coach, club or activity leader to communicate with parents with appropriate information regarding the activity.