深圳南山国际学校(ISNS)已经开始2020-2021学年的幼儿园和小学(K3,K4, K5, G1)招生工作。我校举行的观察评估将给您孩子一个机会去体验在ISNS学习的乐趣。同时,作为家长,您也将有机会在SNS参加由我校小学低年级协调员举办IB教学工作坊。



小学一年级: 2019年11月6日和 2019年12月4日

幼儿园(5岁班K5): 2019年11月27日和2020年2月19日

幼儿园(4岁班K4): 2020年1月15日和2020年2月26日



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The International School of Nanshan Shenzhen aims to provide students in Early Years (ages 3-6) with educational experiences that develop a positive approach to learning.  With this approach in mind we hold screenings to give students the opportunity to experience the joys of learning at ISNS. In addition, parents will attend an informative workshop about ISNS and IB education presented by our Early Years Coordinator.

Our screenings are a holistic approach to student acceptance, which eliminates the pressure of interviews and standardized testing. Students will meet their potential teachers, student support teams, principal, and future friends.

Screening dates are:

Grade 1: November 6th, 2019 and December 4th, 2019

Kindergarten Age 5 (K5): November 27th, 2019 and February 21st, 2020

Kindergarten Age 4 (K4): January 15th, 2020and February 26th, 2020

The deadline for each of the screenings is one week before the screening date. Please, submit your applications in as soon as possible to be considered for admission.

Please note, if seats are still available by the deadline, we will hold one more screening for the grades needed in 2020. The dates will be announced in the future if needed. If you have any questions about the screening process please email