Homeroom Class Placement

Our goal is to create equal classes across each grade level.  Primary students learn best in a classroom that is of mixed abilities.  We want to ensure that the mix of students in each classroom is going to be effective and support learning.  We also want what is best for each individual child.

With that in mind, parents do not get to choose their own homeroom (this applies to even those parents who are teachers). 

We use a computer program to help sort the students into homerooms. 

Many factors are considered when creating homeroom classes including: 

  • Even distribution of boys and girls 
  • English language level 
  • Behavior issues 
  • Teacher strengths 
  • Student special needs 
  • Splitting up student who cannot get along  
Teachers at each grade level plan their lessons collaboratively and so the teaching is very consistent across the grade level.

Teachers have different personalities and we want our students to be able to interact effectively with every kind of person.  Our goal is to have ISNS be successful no matter where they go in the world and with whomever they encounter in the world.   Learning Social Skills is a major element that student need to learn in the IB and they best way to develop their Social Skills is to interact with a variety of different people. 




在创建一个班级时要考虑许多因素,包括 :

  • 男女比例平衡
  • 英语语言水平
  • 行为问题
  • 教师的优势
  • 学生的特殊需求
  • 分开不能相处的学生 


不同的教师有不同的个性,我们希望学生能够与各种各样的人有效地互动。 我们的目标是让ISNS学生无论身处世界何地,遇到不同的人时,都能获得成功。  学习社交技能是学生在国际文凭课程中需要学习的一个主要内容,而培养他们社交技能的最好方法就是与各种不同的人互动。