Student Voice

ISNS has an active Student Representative Council (SRC) in the MYP and DP.

Student Ambassadors are selected to represent and support the PYP student body.

ISNS Channel of Communication for Students

IB Programme Implementation Concerns and Appeals

  • Questions and concerns regarding implementation of the PYP, MYP and DP should be directed toward the appropriate IB Coordinator.  
  • The IB Coordinator will work with Senior leadership to investigate the concern and ensure that the school is following the Rules for IB World Schools and the specific implementation rules for the programme in question. If it is found that the school is not in compliance, change will be implemented.  
  • Parents have access to the Rules for IB World Schools and rules for each programme on the ISNS website.  
  • The IB Coordinator and appropriate principal will meet with all parties to ensure the rules are communicated and where, necessary communicate the change initiative and timeline. 
  • PYP and MYP Grade appeals for subjects can be directed to the appropriate subject teacher. MYP Projects, eAssessment and DP Exam or Core grade appeals should be submitted directly to the IBO.  


  • 关于PYP、MYP和DP课程实施的问题和关切应直接向对应的IB协调员提出。 
  • IB协调员将与学校领导团队共同展开调查,确保学校的做法符合IB世界学校的要求,并与课程实施细则保持一致。如果发现不合规的地方,学校会做出改变。 
  • 家长可以通过学校官网查到IB世界学校的要求和具体课程的实施细则。 
  • IB协调员和主管校长负责向相关各方说明规则,并在必要时沟通改革方案和时间表。 
  • PYP和MYP学段的成绩上诉可以向任课教师提出。MYP个人设计项目、电子评估考试、DP考试或核心课程成绩上诉应直接提交至国际文凭组织。