ISNS School Bus Fee Policy, Procedures and Refund

School Bus Fee Policy and Procedures




a) 11000元/一学年。

b) 每学期末会发放下学年校巴费的缴费通知,招生办会一并把校巴费和学费缴费通知单发给学生带回家。

2. 校巴车位在校巴费交付完后才会给学生保留。

3. 请向校巴协调员提供银行水单复印件,财务收据或发至邮件。

4. 如需发票,请用人民币付款并在付款水单上提供准确的发票抬头。

5. 如果要申请新站点,请务必在付款前与校巴协调员沟通确认是否可加。

6. 对于开学后才申请校巴服务的学生,会根据申请当月来开始收取校巴费。

1.    The cost for the school bus can be paid annually .

  • 11000RMB/Year  
  • Invoices for annual payments will be distributed at the end of each academic year. The invoice will accompany the Tuition Fee sent home from the Admissions Office.

2. Students may not be guaranteed placement unless school fees are paid in full.

3. Please provide bus coordinators a of copy of the pay-in slip or payment receipt by emailing

4. Should you require a fapiao, submit your payment in RMB and provide the exact fapiao title with your payment slip.

5. If a new stop is requested, confirmation from the bus coordinator is needed before a Parent/Guardian can pay.

6. For students utilizing the school bus at any time after the first day of school, the school bus fee will be charged based on the month the student begins riding.

School Bus Refund Policy




1. 校巴退费金额将依据剩余未乘坐月数来核算。

2. 每学期的最后一个月开始后,学校便不再接受该学期的退费申请

3. 为了确保您能收到校巴退费,请提供以下资料:





4. 深圳南山国际学校保有对校巴退费事项最终解释权。

ISNS strives to provide safe and efficient transportation for our students to and from the School. We recognize that taking the bus to school is a family decision. Please take the time to discuss as a family on whether the school bus service will be best for your child.

1.    The refund amount will be determined by the remaining months of unused Bus service.

2.    No refunds are offered once the last month of the semester has begun.

3.    To receive a refund please prepare the following documents:

  • The copy of bank card receiving the refund.
  • The copy of ID card (ID card should be same as the card holder) or copy of passport. 
  • The name of the bank branch receiving the refund. 
  • The school bus fee receipt (if you paid at the finance office, please offer the original receipt) or copy of bank transfer receipt.

4.    ISNS reserves the right for final interpretation regarding refunds.