School Bus Leave/Absence



1.学生需请假不乘坐校巴,家长或监护人应至少提前一天告知校巴协调员。家长或监护人可发邮件到 或拨打 8600-0982 请假。

2. 如果家长或监护人无法及时在学校规定时间段内联系校巴协调员为学生请假,您须在校巴到达站点前通知校巴阿姨,并尽快与校巴协调员联系确认。

3. 出于学生的安全考虑,所有请假不乘坐校巴的学生必须直接与校巴协调员沟通。

1.    Parents/Guardians are to inform the bus coordinators regarding student leave at least one day in advance when your child will not be taking the school bus. Parents/Guardians can email or call 8600-0982.

2.    If a Parent/Guardian is unable to inform the bus coordinators regarding your child’s bus absence in the requested time frame, they are to inform the bus monitor by calling them prior to the school bus arrival and then contact and confirm with the bus coordinator as soon as possible.

3.    For student safety, all bus absences must be communicated directly to the bus coordinators.