School Bus Policy



2. K5到G5的学生必须由家长或监护人(需随身携带家长卡)在指定站点接送。G6-G12学生下车后如需自行回家,必须签署一份校巴接送同意书,并将同意书交至教学楼一楼前台的校巴协调员处。

3. 校巴接送同意书必须每学年签署一次。

4. 为了确保校巴能有秩序和效率地运行,家长或监护人和学生本人需仔细阅读《深圳南山国际学校学生乘车守则》。此外,每辆校巴上都有一份《深圳南山国际学校学生乘车守则》以供参阅。点击此处阅读相关细则。

5. 请知悉为了适应从8月到9月的交通变化,校巴路线图会有所调整。这段时间请家长或监护人留意学校发出的更新路线图。

6. 家长或监护人不允许乘坐校巴。

7. 出于安全考虑,没有在校巴乘坐名单中的学生不可乘坐校巴。

8. 所有家长或监护人必须配带家长卡到接送站点接送孩子。出于安全考虑,校巴阿姨不会让学生被没有身份证明的人接走。

9. 请家长或监护人在接送时间段保持手机通话畅通,以防在紧急事件发生时无法取得联系。

10. 如果乘车的学生因学校相关活动需换乘校巴,家长或监护人必须提前一天和校巴协调员沟通确认。

11. 如果校巴在接送学生的过程中发生交通事故,校巴阿姨会马上通知家长,并告知学生的安全和事故情况。学校会在事故发生后12小时内发布官方说明。

1.    Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the designated school bus pick-up and drop-off times. In order for the school buses to arrive at their destinations on time, drivers and bus monitors will not wait for late arrivals. You can find the bus schedule on the ISNS website.

2.    Students from K5 to Grade 5 MUST be picked up by a parent or guardian (along with Parent/Guardian ID cards) at their assigned bus stops. Students in Grade 6 to Grade 12 who will not be met by a parent or guardian at their assigned bus stop MUST sign the Letter of Permission for School Bus Drop-off and return to the School Bus Coordinators at the reception desk on the first floor (1F).

3.    The Letter of Permission for Bus Drop-Off must be signed each school year.

4.    To ensure the orderliness and efficiency of the school buses, we kindly ask Parents/Guardians to read the ISNS School Bus Rules and review with your child(ren).  In addition, each bus has a copy of the ISNS School Bus Rules for reference. Click here to read the rules.

5.    Please note that bus schedules may be adjusted from August to September in order to mitigate increasing traffic congestions. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to stay updated during this time period.

6.    Parents/Guardians are not allowed to ride the school bus.

7.    Students who are not on the school bus list are not allowed to ride the bus due to strict safety concerns.

8.    All Parents/Guardians MUST carry their Parent ID Card when picking up your child(ren) from the bus stop. For safety purposes, bus monitors will not leave a student with someone without this proper identification.

9.    Please keep your cell phone on during the pick-up and drop-off period, in case of any emergency.

10. Parents/Guardians of current school bus riders must confirm with the bus coordinators at least one day in advance if they would like to change buses due to events associated with the school.

11. If a bus accident occurs while on route to or from the school, parents will be notified immediately, and specific actions will be taken to first address the safety of the students and then assess the accident. An official explanation will be sent to parents via email within 12 hours of the incident.

Letter of Permission for School Bus Drop Off

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