Sodexo procedures to ensure food safety at ISNS

Food Safety

Sodexo works very closely with ISNS to ensure that food safety is a priority for our students. We are proud to be able to share the procedures that Sodexo will execute to ensure food safety the safety and health of the food served at ISNS.

Food Safety Procedures




2、食物储存:所有食物储存在远离洗碗间的区域,肉类与蔬果类严格分区域冷藏或冷冻,冷 藏库温度保持在0-4度,冷冻库温度保持在零下16至零下18度,且每日上、下班均检查温度并 记录在餐厅卫生手册中。

3、使用新鲜的食材:蔬菜当天到货当天使用;其他货品验收时,检查保质期并要求供应商做 到:国产产品的剩余保质期至少大于或等于其整体保质期的1/2,进口产品的剩余保质期至少 大于或等于其整体保质期的1/3;仓管员每日盘点库存时,会检查物品保质期;厨师领料时遵 循先进先出原则,并检查所领用物品是否在保质期内。

4、加工环节严加把控:食材均经过五个步骤的清洗,包括挑拣、切配加工、浸泡、消毒、过 清水,以确保食物中无异物;严格要求厨师在切配时精细改刀,如较厚的鸡胸肉、猪肉等,需 横向切薄,以确保容易熟透。

5、 售前:在每道菜品出锅后,厨师会测量食物的中心温度,确保至少达到75度,且同一盘出 品至少测量不同位置的3-4块肉类;每道菜品推出餐线前,由餐厅经理或厨师长试味。

6、售后:每道菜品均会留样125克,并在专用的留样冰箱保存48小时,以确保万一出现任何 食品安全事件,餐厅均有留样送检。每日午餐后全面清洁厨房及餐厅:员工们清洁各自负责的 区域,由厨师长检查确认后方可离岗;每周大扫除,并由餐厅经理负责检查验收。

1. When designing the menu, Sodexo will plan to have the meat cut in small evenly sized portions so that it can be cooked easily. 


2. Food storage: All food is stored away from the dishwashing area. Meat, vegetables, and fruits are strictly divided and stored into refrigerated or frozen areas. The temperature in the refrigerated room is kept at 0-4 degrees Celsius, and in the freezer, it is kept at -16 to -18 degrees Celsius. The temperature is checked throughout the day and recorded in the kitchen hygiene log.


3. Using fresh ingredients: All vegetables are cooked on the day they arrive. For other goods, one of the mandatory standards is the remaining shelf life of local products must be more than half of its whole shelf life, and import products should be one third. The storekeeper will administer a daily inventory check. The chefs will follow the principle of "first in, first out" when using the materials and check whether the materials fall within the shelf life standard. 


4. Strict controls on the processing process: The food materials are cleaned in five steps, including picking, cutting and processing, soaking, disinfection, and washing, to ensure that there are no foreign objects in the food. We require the chefs to cut the meat in very fine slices to ensure they cooked well.  For example, thick chicken breast, pork, etc. should be cut horizontally to make it thinner.


5. Pre-service: After each dish is cooked, the chef will measure the temperature to ensure that the food has an internal temperature of at least 75 degrees Celsius. Each dish will be checked several times in random locations.  All the dishes are tasted by the canteen manager or the head chef.


6. After service: 125 grams of each dish will be kept for 48 hours in a special refrigerator. This is to ensure that Sodexo will have a sample of the dish to send for testing in case of any food incident.  The kitchen and canteen are cleaned thoroughly after each lunch service. All canteen/kitchen employees clean their own work area daily and are inspected by the head chef before the employees leave. Deep cleaning is carried out weekly and the canteen manager is responsible for the inspection and results.