Grade 10 Experienced and aided in maintaining the Natural Beauty of Bali

For their week without walls ISNS, our grade 10 students traveled south to the province of Bali in Indonesia. They traveled to the western sections of Bali and engaged in hands-on activities to better understand the threats to the region and to also help counter those threats. They helped to identify and clear out invasive plant species as well as planting species like mangrove trees that would benefit the region. Also, they assisted in reef monitoring and recording sea life data. They also conducted a beach cleanup and audit to see how common items are polluting the ocean and to think of ways to reduce their use. To finish off their week, our students had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bali through surfing. All in all our students learned the impact of human consumption on the environment and returned to ISNS ready to help alleviate those issues in their own way.

We gained a lot more than we expected and we have nothing but fond memories of our experience here.

G10 student

Through the activities, I was touched by the friendship between us and how important we are to each other.

ISNS G10 student