Grade 11 Building Houses and Memories in Cambodia

For their week without walls, our grade 11 were based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. There they worked with Volunteer Building Cambodia to help build two homes for the local community. They met with local students and families and learned various Cambodian traditions, especially around the celebration of a new home, which was very enlightening for our students. This rural experience offered them detailed insights into the agricultural-based lifestyle that is a reality for at least 70% of Cambodians. In addition to the building project, they visited the Angkor Complex that once was the power base of the Khmer Empire, which at the height of its power controlled lands now belonging to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. They also learned about Cambodia’s recent history and the impact that it has on the country today. Our students came home with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Cambodia and its people along with the commitment to make the world they live in better for future generations.

We wanted to get to the countryside as soon as possible in order to start building the house.