2021 Community Project Presentations

Project Name: Basketball skills for UPYP kids (G4-5) 

Student Name: Benson & Thomas 

Teacher Supervisor:Iris Sha 

Project Goal: To educate grade 5 students on basketball. Teach them basic skills and knowledge on the game basketball, hoping to promote exercises among young grade. 

Project Name: Website to raise awareness about low education levels in rural area (Xiangxi) 

Student Name: Andrew Z .& Jason T. 

Teacher Supervisor:Claire Chen 

Project Goal: Improve the Education Level of School Children in Rural / Underdeveloped Areas of Xiangxi. 

Project Name: Video to show conditions of schools in Xiangxi area (video will be incorporated into Jason & Andrew’s website) 

Student Name: Eric L. & Howard H.& Isa L.

Teacher Supervisor:Chris Irvin 

Project Goal: Improve the Education Level of School Children in Rural / Underdeveloped Areas of Xiangxi.  

Project Name: Feminism & Fashion Industry; Body image/shaming 

Student Name: Cyrilla & Cathy & Lindsey 

Teacher Supervisor:Mariek Kocay 

Project Goal: In investigate into, raise awareness and mitigate overwhelming judgement on appearance made by the public towards female in China.  

Project Name: Improving English skills of EY students 

Student Name: Kaira & Melinda 

Teacher Supervisor:Addie Loy 

Project Goal: ISNS is a Canadian school, but the majority of the students are Chinese. Most of the students are not native English speakers. Through exploring more in English they can see more of this identity as an English learning school student. 

Project Name: Raise awareness of marine pollution 

Student Name: Yu & Ruibo & Joey 

Teacher Supervisor:Lori Moody 

Project Goal: The goal of our project is to help rise the attention of ocean trash, alert the students in a positive way by creating a website and picking up the trash. Build their knowledge about how ocean trash harms the world’s nature and encourage them to react properly when garbage is in front of them. 

Project Name: Information campaign for importance of safety measures for prevention of covid-19 - videos targeting teens 

Student Name: Howard C. & Manhay & Jim 

Teacher Supervisor:Brenda Williams 

Project Goal: We are trying to generate awareness of COVID-19 through the internet in a video form, targeting teenage netizens all over the world. We will include basic information about COVID-19, as well as the horrific power of what COVID-19 can do to generate a sense of alertness and at last, how people could prevent it from happening.  

Project Name: Videos to teach proper pet care 

Student Name: Kitty & Starry 

Teacher Supervisor:Rebecca Rogers 

Project Goal: Creating guide videos for those new pet owners - (teach them basic knowledge about taking care of pets).

Project Name: Clothing drive for underprivileged children - Civil Affairs Bureau 

Student Name: Jessica & Leo 

Teacher Supervisor:Kandace Law 

Project Goal: In this project, we are aiming to collect clothing and donate to communities that are not able to afford buying new clothes. In order to achieve this, we are going to donate the clothes to a charity in Shenzhen, which the donation will help us to give to the people who are needing new clothes. 

Project Name: Fundraising for Sunshine Academy

Student Name: Michael L & Didier 

Teacher Supervisor:Kristen Grabowski 

Project Goal: To sell food and beverage in the atrium and make 2400 RMB to help a kid at the sunshine academy. 

Project Name: Website to focus on healthy foods and cooking 

Student Name: Eron & Jerry X.

Teacher Supervisor:Ernie Boyd 

Project Goal: Our goal is to serve a community, which don't have or have time to maintain a healthy diet and help them by teaching them how to cook. 

Project Name: Puppet show to inform EY students about drinking clean water 

Student Name: Jenny & Julie & Gina 

Teacher Supervisor:Martine Lusignan 

Project Goal: Develop local (Shenzhen) children’s basic common sense, alert them in a positive way to build their knowledge about the society, and encourage them to react properly when facing safety issues at school. 

Project Name: Increase physical activities for PYP students 

Student Name: Angel & Annie & Erin 

Teacher Supervisor:James LeBreton 

Project Goal:  Our goal is to increase the G4’s exercising quality through direct service of teaching and their exercising time on weekends and possible online learning periods through advocacy service of brochures. 

Project Name: Collaboration with Sunshine Academy - book donation drive 

Student Name: Ella & Yoyo 

Teacher Supervisor:Sharon Zhang 

Project Goal:  Organize a book drive at ISNS for Zhengzhou Sunshine Academy.  

Project Name: Beach cleanup – effects of pollution on ocean, coral reefs, marine animals 

Student Name: Ellen & Brianna 

Teacher Supervisor:Mariek Kocay 

Project Goal:  Our goal is to clean up one beach (in the area of Shenzhen) so our beaches and ocean can become better and cleaner.  

Project Name: Providing online service/resources to help students to deal with mental health issues privately 

Student Name: Candy & Nicole & Stella 

Teacher Supervisor:Hector Wu 

Project Goal:  To help students develop positive coping skills to better deal with their mental health (Indirect Service).  

There is not a lot of mental health awareness in China, so we noticed that we and our peers almost all experience stress.