2021 MYP Personal Project Presentations

Project Name: Photography Evoking Nostalgia

Student Name: Nadia W.

Goal: To learn photography and capture moments that evokes nostalgia and having an online exhibition as the final product.  

Project Name: Coding: The Song Game 

Student Name: Kako W.

Goal: To cultivate python coding skills and through its programming environment make a code(game) that allows users to guess songs via voice and sounds.  

Project Name: Music Composition   

Student Name: Jessie C.

Goal: To produce a music piece using Logic Pro X involving the 24 solar terms in the year 2023 for individuals who love music.  

Project Name: Chinese Desserts 

Student Name: Shina C.

Goal: To study and learn the best ingredients for making five traditional Chinese desserts while improving my cooking skills and knowledge of Chinese culture.  

Project Name: Jewelry Design  

Student Name: Tina J.

Goal: To make two pieces of accessories to enhance my own understanding of jewelry design. 

Project Name: Learning the Guitar 

Student Name: Brandon I.

Goal: To learn the basic techniques of playing the guitar and using them to play an entire song.  

Project Name: SFM Tutorial Series 

Student Name: Tim L.

Goal: To learn how to use a 3D animation software called Source Film Maker.  

Project Name: Lego Stop Motion  

Student Name: Joshua C.

Goal: To create a motivational Lego stop motion movie that promotes the ISNS spirit and soccer team.  

Project Name: Online Lessons on Chinese History 

Student Name: Paul C.

Goal: To create a series of videos teaching the historic events from the Republic of China’s northern warlords.  

Project Name: Mickey Mouse Club House 

Student Name: Kelly F.

Goal: To create a 3D replica model of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, handmade by myself with recycled paper.  

Project Name: Chinese Art  

Student Name: Oscar K.

Goal: To research and learn about Chinese art and produce a pamphlet on it to lower-grade peers.  

Project Name: Guitar Song Arrangement  

Student Name: Buffett L.

Goal: To arrange a finger-style song on guitar and apply personal knowledge and creativity. 

Project Name: 2D RPG Horror Game  

Student Name: Tiger S.

Goal: To learn 2D game coding skills to create a horror virtual environment and investigate the influence of different visual and auditory factors that stimulates people’s fear.  

Project Name: Self-Illustrating Program  

Student Name: Tim Z.

Goal: To teach myself how to illustrate and demonstrate ideas using Adobe Photoshop by producing a tutorial video and illustrations.  

Project Name: Cantonese Food Cuisine  

Student Name: Ocean K.

Goal: To research the recipes of traditional Cantonese food and record videos of the cooking procedures.  

Project Name: Digital Drawing on ProCreate 

Student Name: Cherry M.

Goal: To Learn and discover how to use the app ProCreate to create a satisfying piece of artwork.