For additional information on ECA, please contact Activities Coordinator Ms. Lian at kaisy.lian@isnsz.com


What times do ECA start and end?

The ECA includes lunch time clubs and after school programs from K3 to G12. 

Please see the following table for the information.


Please refer to the exact time of each ECA on the list of ECA schedule.

What ECA do you offer?

At ISNS, we offer a wide variety of activities and clubs to provide students with an opportunity to explore, inquire and discover new passions. A selection of activities from innovation technology, arts, reading club, sport activities, design thinking courses, science clubs and others are designed to cater our students’ different and diverse needs and offered in a supervised setting. 

Do you have a bus that will take them home after an ECA if they ride the bus?

Buses for students taking extra-curricular activities (ECA) are not available since the end times of activities are different.

How do I sign up for an ECA?

For ISNS teacher led activities, registration for Activities happens twice per year. The registration for teacher led activities and venodor led activities would be sent via email.Please keep an eye out in each semester. You can send post join-request for activities that are still available or contact Activities Coordinator Ms.Kaisy at kaisy.lian@isnsz.com to make adjustments.

How do students G1 and under get to their ECA after school?

The students will be guided to a meeting point by their homeroom teacher and being collected by the activity leader. Then the activity leader will lead the students to the activity venue.

How long does an ECA go till?
  • Athletics - 3 Months for each season.

  • Performing Arts - run through the entire school year.

  • Visual arts and Activities - 10-14 weeks for each semester.

Who teaches your ECA?

Most of the activities are designed and delivered by ISNS talented teaching staff, meanwhile there are also some activities offered by professional vendors outside the school community.

Are the ECA included with the tuition?

The ECA led by ISNS teacher are free to our students while an additional fee is required for the after school programs provided by external vendors.